EMU Roll Out Dates Changed Again?

No I did not make an error in the last post either….


In my very recent Southern Line EMU Roll Out is March 2015 (April 9) post I noted the roll out of the electric trains across our four rail lines in Auckland. You can see the screenshot I got from the Auckland Transport site at the time here:

EMU delay

The roll out dates per the above picture:

  • Onehunga Line: April 28th
  • Manukau Line: September 2014
  • Southern Line: March 2015
  • Western Line: Autumn 2015
  • Pukekohe not included yet and will be serviced by ADL-DMU shuttles between Pukekohe and Papakura until the section of line is electrified

These dates above are consistent with this page from AT here: EMU delays 2



I saw AT this afternoon Tweet about the EMU roll-out and when I went back to take a look I saw this:

Changing dates on the EMUs again

The new dates which have become generalistic are now the following:

  • Onehunga Line: April 28th (same)
  • Manukau Line: Late 2014 (was September 2014)
  • Southern Line: Early/Mid 2015 (was March 2015)
  • Western Line: Mid/Late 2015 (Was Autumn 2015)


Looking at the comparative dates you could be looking at push backs on the EMU roll out for the Southern and Western Line by four to six months depending on when the actual roll out occurs. The Manukau Line looks at risk by about a month or two at the most.


The questions asked to Auckland Transport are:

  1. Why more generalist dates now than earlier when a month could be given?
  2. Why the risk of a push back by up to six months for the Southern and Western Lines?


I might send some emails to Auckland Transport to see why the dates keep changing around as this is giving uncertainty to our rail commuters out there.