Not Particularly “Thrilled” on the Onehunga Timetable Criticisms

Just leave it be, bed the EMU’s in, and roll it out when Manukau is on stream


And so we are at day 4 of the electric trains running on the Onehunga Line – our shortest line of the Auckland rail network. After a bit of a rocky start on Monday which was expected all seems to be bedding in well on the Onehunga Line and reviews of the EMU’s quite positive.

What was not positive was the fact that the timetable did not change (so an increase in frequencies) for the Onehunga Line to reflect the EMU’s on the line.

Knowing that a new timetable is due out (all fingers crossed) in October after the Manukau Line goes on stream with the EMU’s, and knowing what goes into timetable creations from my former life in Transdev I was not particularly amused at the criticisms levelled.

On the idea “ghosting” a timetable (so creating it well advance than implementing it at the set time) it can be done but would be best effective if all lines were done at once. Knowing the Southern Line has the freighters on it and at the risk of the freighter schedules changing (for whatever reason) I would be wondering if ghosting would have worked. If someone in the know could comment on this it would be greatly appreciated – thank you 🙂


Anyhow the current timetable is not flash but we are meant to be rolling to all EMU’s on all lines for weekend services at the end of the year. Although they are still wiring up the Western and Southern Lines at the moment so all EMU weekend services will be interesting if those two lines are not complete by then.

At the end of the day it is a game of patience especially as we are on the final stretch.

The new timetable comes out for all lines with better frequencies later in the year. We are bedding in new EMU’s so in my opinion the existing timetable suits it rather well.

Rather than “criticising” AT I give them and Transdev the tick of a job well done this week all things considering including the teething issues on Monday.


Now if Auckland Transport can claw back those roll out dates for the Southern and Western Lines next year I guarantee some very happy people including me.

Our EMU’s are here and South Auckland gets the new bus network first up next year. Along with integrated fares I can say I have a 🙂 on my face for where we have got to so far. That said I also know the road ahead and I mentioned here: “Now We are Electrified, What Next?


As for when I will catch my first EMU? Most likely later in the year when they ply the Manukau Line 🙂

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