Auckland Unitary Plan Submissions Online

9,400 submissions received


Okay now the presser come out. From Auckland Council:

Auckland Unitary Plan submissions online


More than 9,400 submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan received during the five-month formal consultation period are now online.

Along with the original submissions, a summary report that captures each of the 93,600 requests is now available. The report is the largest of its kind since the Resource Management Act came into effect in 1991.

The most frequently addressed topics in the submissions included rezoning, residential rules, urban growth, and business rules.


Unitary Plan Committee Chair Councillor Alf Filipaina says official notification of the submission report is one more step completed in the process.

“Today is another milestone for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. We now have all the input from our communities available on council’s website and have officially kicked off the further submission phase,” he said.


The submissions can be searched by submitter details, or by themes such as air quality, business, residential, earthworks, natural hazards, flooding and transport.

People now have 30 working days to make a further submission if they are a person with an interest greater than the general public or represent a matter of public interest. 

Hard copies of the summary of decisions requested report will be available at selected Auckland libraries, service centres and local board offices.

To view the submissions and for information on the further submission phase visit



The public notice on the notification was copied into my earlier post this morning: Notification Summary of Decisions Requested to Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Released


What to expect when having a look


Some screen grabs of what you can expect when having a look at the next stage of the Unitary Plan processes.


First Page – The Process So Far


Submissions and Searching Submissions Portal


Summary of Decisions Requested


When searching for a specific submission. In this case I have used mine #1606


An extract of my submission codified for the Summary of Decisions Requested (which is the next picture after the one below)


A Screen Grab of the Summary of Decisions Requested pdf. In this instance I have highlighted mine. #1606-2 from the above picture can be seen below in the summary


Further Submission Portal. NOTE: It pays to check if you are eligible per the RMA to make a further submission


All pictures contain source links.


The Further Submission Period is now open for those eligible until 5pm Tuesday 22nd of July. Pre Hearings are due to start in September with actual hearings soon after.