A Question About City Building

It is a serious question. And yes it is not exactly going to win me ‘friends’ in Council but this is more for the people of Auckland who actually make Auckland


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While I work through my notes and Tweets for my ‘report back’ from today’s Auckland Development Committee I have a very serious question for the people and businesses of Auckland.

This questions comes from the two-hour debate around the Marine Industry Precinct followed by a shorter (but threatened to run away) debate on the fourth tranche of Special Housing Areas. Now I will get separate posts out on the Marine Industry Precinct at Hobsonville debate, and the fourth tranche of Special Housing Areas tomorrow. In regards to the SHA fourth tranche the Housing Project Office will be releasing the evaluation reports on the first three SHA tranches after commercially sensitive material is removed. I have asked the Council for a copy of the evaluation reports as soon as they are out. I thank Councillor Chris Darby for bringing the question up and the Housing Project Office for being willing to release the reports.


Now that question which came to my mind after today’s Auckland Development Committee meeting:

Auckland is “great” at “building” residential complexes but is rather “hopeless” at building job and employment complexes (commercial and industrial (not including the main City Centre)). True of false?


I will give my view on that over the weekend especially in light of today’s debates. But for now have a think about it and if so inclined leave your thoughts below in the comments box. For those who want to challenge themselves on the question try to tie it into physical and social place making in both commercial and industrial complexes here in Auckland.



2 thoughts on “A Question About City Building

  1. Interesting conversational point. My personal feeling is that Drury has a massive oportunity to combine rail, motorway(including the mill road upgrade), airport and residential proximty in the future. Perhaps we could finally get it totally right…
    The AMETI project & 3rd rail line are obvious indicators that East Tamaki was in no way properly planned for. In essence Auckland is playing catch up.
    Likewise for Manukau City. Such a shame that the railstation isn’t closer to the main shopping centre/rainbows end. Should the Glenora station & Drury station and the southern line from Manukau get built we may get a very interesting dynamic between the Comercial Hub of Manukau, residential areas of Manurewa/Addison/Papakura/Pukekoe and the new powerhouse Industrial zone of Drury.
    No rail to the airport is also proof of the lack of effective management/planning of our past.

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