Super Metropolitan Centre – A Redux

One Stop Shop for the evolution of the Super Metropolitan Centre


A fellow reader and Tweeter was asking about the Super Metropolitan Centre concepts after I had raised them on Twitter in response to Luke C commenting about Manukau City Centre when he visited MIT and Manukau Station yesterday. Some photos of my trip to Manukau will go up in a separate post as well as below.

Just a quick note to Transport Blog and Generation Zero: I do not mind “visitors” to South Auckland and when visiting passing some critiques of the area (Manukau City Centre yesterday) but it would be nice if you both joined myself and even the Deputy Mayor on board with the Super Metropolitan Centre concept scheme to humanise Manukau City Centre from its auto-centric past.


The Evolution of the Super Metropolitan Centre concept

Starting from the Second Central Business District idea in my Auckland Plan submission three years ago and working its way through to the current Super Metropolitan Centre scheme  per my Unitary Plan submission in February


Auckland Plan Submission


Feedback to the Unitary Plan ( May 2013)




Unitary Plan Submission (February 2014)


Regional and District Objectives and Policies Excerpt from Unitary Plan Submission


Manukau City Centre Portfolio, and the Twin City Centres and why they both need each other

Coming in July


The MIT and Manukau Station photos from yesterday

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