Southern Initiative Interview on the All About Auckland Show is up

I talk Southern Initiative with presenter Kane Glass, and Manukau Ward Councillor Alf Filipiana


Southern Metro Auckland
Southern Metro Auckland


Recently I gave an interview (my second) on the All About Auckland Show that screens 7:30pm on Monday, Sky Channel 083. In this particular interview I was talking about the Southern Initiative and its rocky start that has dogged it so far. Readers of Talking Auckland know that I have been critical of The Southern Initiative. In November at the Auckland Development Committee I gave a sharp critique against the failings of The Southern Initiative at the time.

Fast forward to now as we see The Southern Initiative effectively going through a reboot and The Southern Initiative MK2 about to get under way.

For more see the All About Auckland video here: Whats Happened to the Southern Initiative?

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Note: On the 45% population remark. Last year I made the remark that Southern Auckland would go from housing 38% of Auckland’s population to 45% by the end of the Auckland Plan in 2042. The 45% estimate was made from the following:

  1. Southern Auckland is defined as the former Manukau City, Papakura District, and Franklin District (on the Auckland side) Council area as well as Otahuhu from Portage Road down to the former Manukau City Council boundaries.
  2. Currently Southern Auckland houses 38% of Auckland’s 1.5 million people
  3. The 45% by 2042 estimate comes from:
    1. Unitary Plan Zones as they currently are in the Proposed Unitary Plan.
    2. Those zones mean the Isthmus does not grow as much owing to limited intensification opportunities
    3. Southern Auckland contains three Metropolitan Centres and the Pukekohe Satellite Town which can take higher levels of intensification than areas that have predominately Town Centres in them
    4. Southern Auckland has the largest areas of Future Urban Zones in Auckland compared to the north and north west FUZ’s. Also owing that Southern Auckland’s FUZ’s for the most part are lined up with well developed transit corridors (road and rail) they can take higher levels of development than otherwise possible (that is without cause as major consequences such as extreme congestion)
    5. Southern Auckland as a cultural, social and economic power is slowly rising as South Auckland shakes off its negative stigma. As the Isthmus becomes too expensive, the North Shore too isolated, and the South containing large employment centres (commercial and industrial) outside of the main City Centre itself, people are choosing Southern Auckland as the place to put down roots. Whether they also work in the South is something else

Of course this can change however, if the Auckland Plan and subsequent developments drift towards a 50:50 Greenfield:Brownfield split then the South would take the brunt of any such changes (meaning 45% could be me even underestimating). 45% of 2.5 million is 1,125,000 (Auckland is at 1.5 million now)

Otherwise sit down grab the popcorn and enjoy the interview. Comments can be left below