Our New Electric Trains Breaking Down in Peak Services? [Updated]

I thought tests were meant to eliminate this?


I caught this Tweet last evening during the PM peak services:


I do expect faults to come up during electric train testing. I somewhat expect maybe one spitting the dummy in the peak services. But I do not expect two EMU’s to break down with apparently similar faults inside Britomart during the peak evening services (or morning if it was morning) causing the issues that happened (cancellations and apparent bus replacements).


So the question is Auckland Transport what will be done to prevent this kind of failure again. Especially as such failings or near failings have been noted as seen here: http://www.bettertransport.org.nz/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2460&start=2760

The last thing you want is two EMU 6-car sets fully loaded with 750 passengers each breaking down with that same traction fault but this time on the Southern Line (the busiest of all lines) during the peak services…


Come on Auckland Transport let’s get this sorted while the EMU’s are still on the Onehunga Line


[Update] Diesel Unit (and ADL Class) Replacing Electric Train for Onehunga Service tonight

It seems we are still beset with issues with the electric trains that should have been sorted in testing.

This from earlier this evening:

Looking at the replies to the Tweet it seems an ADL diesel unit (the predecessor unit that plied the Onehunga Line before the Electrics went into service late April) has been replacing the EMU’s on Onehunga runs owing to no Electric unit available.

September is when the Manukau Line is meant to get the electric trains running revenue services. I hope by then the issues are sorted…



3 thoughts on “Our New Electric Trains Breaking Down in Peak Services? [Updated]

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until somebody makes an acknowledgement.

    The original AEP was to have been completed with the full network available before the EMUs arrived.

    This would have enabled an intensive period of running with an increasing number of sets as they arrived.

    KR did not stick with the plan and this is what we have.

    In having said that though nobody seems particularly interested in following up all the rumours of ETCS, harmonics and traction faults.

    I wonder why not?

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