Unitary Plan Counter Submissions

Someone opposed my submission



As the Further Unitary Plan Submission period closes today I had some emails come up in my inbox alerting me someone has filed a further submission for or against my own submission points.

Two original submitters have put in a further submission AGAINST my own submission calling for the establishment of the Super Metropolitan Centre zone in both Manukau and Albany.


The point made in both “Further Submissions” (that I have received so far):

Nb Original Submission Support or opposition of submission point Provision of the Proposed Unitary Plan Relief sought in original submission The reasons for support or opposition Decision Sought
Chapter D: Zone Objectives and Policies
89 Benjamin Ross Submission number
1606 Point 2. Oppose Business (excluding City Centre). Business – D3 Business Zones / D3.1 General Objectives and policies) Add a new business zone entitled Super Metropolitan Centre zone as detailed in the submission (refer pages 41-45/80, 50 and 51/80 and 53-57/80). It is not necessary to provide a further centre category. That the submission point be Disallowed


The provisions of being against the Super Metropolitan Centre zone were:

Further submissions

  1. The submissions supported or opposed, and the reasons for the support or opposition are detailed in the table attached as Appendix A.

Interest in the submissions

  1. XYZ has an interest in the Proposed Unitary Plan that is greater than the interest the general public has on the following grounds:
    1. XYZ is specifically advantaged and/or disadvantaged by the provisions of the Proposed Unitary Plan that relate to XYZ’s interests in land; and
    2. XYZ proprietary interests and/or business or economic interests could be impacted by the provisions of the Proposed Unitary Plan.

Request to be heard

  • XYZ wishes to be heard in support of the further submissions in Appendix A.


Needless to say that the two submitters opposing the Super Metropolitan Centre Zone have interests in either a complex in another Metropolitan Centre near by and/or a complex close by to the proposed Super Metropolitan Centre zone


I admit this is going to be interesting times at the hearings in regards to defending the Super Metropolitan Centre zone. No matter I wouldn’t have submitted in the first place if I knew this was going to be a cake walk. So I will be very interested to hear the exact reasons for opposing the Super Metropolitan Centre zone and whether those who are opposed formally are up for dialogue during the Hearings Process. In the end I am more favourable to negotiated outcomes in benefit to all rather than outright opposition


My Unitary Plan Submission