The Greens Mass Transit Policy Announcement

Pretty Reasonable.


To the point I can not simply fault it including first look at their own alternative Government Policy Statement and subsequent Budget arrangements to fund the policy. Although the Student Green Card does not attract my support but rather my opposition.


From The Greens

The Green Party transport plan will give people what they want – vibrant, greener cities, where public transport is fast, clean and affordable, and where kids can walk and cycle to school safely.

Our transport plan will redirect spending away from motorways towards trains and buses and walking and cycling infrastructure to transform our towns and cities – a smarter, greener plan to benefit all.

National’s transport budget concentrates on expensive motorways to the neglect of all else.

The Green plan will deliver far more and cost less. We will make a substantial investment in a large number of projects that will get our towns and cities moving against National’s narrow focus on a small number of expensive motorways. We will:

  • Ensure city buses and trains run every few minutes at peak times.

  • Invest at least $100 million a year in new safe, separated walking and cycling infrastructure.

  • Boost regional transport spending, including revitalising the rail transport backbone.

  • Deliver our Student Green Card giving students free access to off-peak public transport

Auckland is a key part of a successful transport plan. It deserves a network to meet its aspirations to be a world class city, including projects like the City Rail Link, which National is delaying.

The Green Party will implement the Congestion Free Network – a comprehensive transport network with integrated trains, buses and ferries that will make getting around Auckland faster and easier.

By 2020, we will:

  • Complete the City Rail Link, cutting train travel times by up to 28 minutes per trip

  • Build a rail extension to Mt Roskill (with further rail extensions to the Airport by 2025 and the North Shore planned by 2030)

  • Electrify the rail network from Papakura to Pukekohe

  • Build a new bus lane on State Highway 16

  • Extend the Northern Busway to Albany and Newmarket

  • Establish a new high quality bus service across the upper harbour

  • Extend the AMETI Busway into Ellerslie and Manukau

The plan includes a $1.3 billion capital investment into the City Rail Link (60 percent of the cost), and $825 million into dedicated busways and city bus centre improvements.

We also have ambitious plans for Wellington and Christchurch to be announced in coming weeks.



The Greens Auckland Reconnect Graphic with collaboration from Transport Blog and Generation in regards to the Congestion Free Network


My own alternative to a rail operations plan once the City Rail Link is built (but pre North Shore Line) can be seen here: City Rail Link Operations MK2 Full Version. And as we are meant to live in a democracy I certainly do not mind a contestation of ideas with the end product being the best of all worlds.


As for the Greens full transport policy (which can be seen below) I am not totally sold when I see things like this:

Affordable fares
. The Student Green Card will give free off-peaktravel to all tertiary students and apprentices. We will investigate options to lower fares for everyone, and implement smart,integrated options for monthly and annual passes.

Students already get 38% off with their Tertiary AT-HOP cards compared to paying cash as well as already using public transport (meaning it would not attract new patronage as well). The level of discount is generous enough for that demographic and it would be better waiting until Auckland Transport’s Integrated and/or Zonal Fares are out and working from there. Furthermore to get more students to take public transport you might want to expand the system so more students have access to it than now. The Manukau Rail South Link that would allow direct Manukau services from Papakura and Pukekohe via the link rather than the cumbersome transfer as current at Puhinui. This South Link and its subsequent services would allow MIT’s new Manukau Campus (that sits right about Manukau Station) the be more easily accessible to students and future students who live in South Auckland and either not wanting to drive or have readily access to a car.

The Greens full transport policy

Thoughts and comments?