Unitary Plan Hearings Order

Draft Hearings Order – in relation to Unitary Plan topics is out


Manukau SMC Zone MK2
Manukau SMC Zone MK2

Renaming the Residential and Business Zones in Manukau and Manukau City Centre

Relief Sort Map Reference Replaces existing Draft Unitary Plan Zone
Super Metropolitan Centre Zone A Metropolitan Centre
Mixed Use Zone   B General Business Zone (flanking Canvendish Drive between Lambie Drive and Great South Road, and Great South Road between Te Irirangi Drive and Gladding Place)
  • Residential Intensive Medium Density Zone,
  • Residential Standard Medium Density Zone
  • Residential Classic Medium Density Zone.
B Mixed Housing Suburban Zone
Residential Classic Medium Density Zoneand existing Neighbourhood Centre Zone C Mixed Housing Zone Suburban
Mixed Use Zone D General Business Zone and Light Industry at northern end of Manukau


An example out of my submission to the Unitary Plan. In this instance I am seeking rezoning in response to the addition request of the Super Metropolitan Centre zone



The Unitary Plan Committee Agenda


The Auckland Council Unitary Plan Committee meets next Tuesday. While the agenda is relatively small to what its parent – the Auckland Development Committee agenda paper will have, the UP agenda paper does contain the draft paper in which topics will be heard by the Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel.


The Unitary Plan Committee Agenda


I bring your attention to and from page 1 of the agenda as this is where the “Proposed Order of Hearing Topics” to be conducted by the Hearings Panel is located.

For me looking at the order list it seems I wont be up until mid 2015. My submission covered the following:

  • (051) Centres Zones
  • (059) Residential objectives and polices (not sure where the Business one went)
  • (062) Residential Development Controls (again not sure where the Business one went)
  • (068) Rezoning South, North and West (as the Super Metropolitan Centre zone caused zoning changes)

There is probably a few others there that I have missed but will see how it goes and what notifications I get from the Hearings Panel.


My Unitary Plan Submission