City Centre East-West Connections

Improving Connections Through the City Centre


Yesterday Transport Blog via a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request posted on plans to improve both the east-west links in the Auckland City Centre as well as (as a result) vitality of the City Centre.

Transport Blog have done their own commentary on this and I’ll leave the commentary at that (see: The City East West Transport Study )

What have done is attach the document as an embed so that you can read the PDF which is at 44MB in size without busting your bandwidth (via downloading) – especially if on a tablet or mobile device.


The City Centre East West Link Report – courtesy of Transport Blog



At 274 pages long I have not read it fully yet myself but from what I have seen it is certainly interesting and doable over time. The catch is will we have political will power to do it…

Time will tell as it always does