Budget Committee Discusses THE BUDGET

A Sea of Red



While I await for the answers to come back from the Mayoral Office later today (Questions for the Mayor and the Independent Advisory Board) I bring your attention to the Budget Committee that meets tomorrow. The Budget Committee will be making its way through the 432 page agenda plus attachments as they work through the next step in setting the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan – the Master Council Budget document. That document sets officially all expenditure and revenue raising (we see as rates, fees and development contributions) and is being widely mentioned in Auckland at the moment.

I have embedded the Budget Committee document below for your reading and reference. In the accompanying podcast I have pointed out the page numbers of interest I am covering.


The Budget Committee “Pre” Podcast


The Budget Committee Agenda


The Budget Committee Agenda Attachment


Alternative Funding Package (not the Mayors)

My Alternative Funding Package for Auckland’s Transport Projects