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Aptly called "The Village Idiot"
Aptly called “The Village Idiot”

I was reading through the Auckland Development Committee agenda for next week and noted that the Otara-Papatoetoe Area Plan (which I put in a submission for) is due for formal adoption at the Committee. The Agenda and Addendum Agenda (which contains the Area Plan set for adoption) is embedded below and I will podcast on it next week.


I went comparing the now proposed for adoption Area Plan to what we were submitting on earlier this year to see what differences there were. Well I found some and they were some of the larger ones especially in the Manukau City Centre area. Again I will podcast on Wednesday before the Committee on the Area Plan itself. But in this post I am pointing out something not right.


The example I am going to use is the Puhinui Station upgrade which is needed to handle transfers between the Southern and Manukau Lines especially for those coming from the south and wanting to go to Manukau until the Manukau South Link is built – eventually.

The original Area Plan stated that the Puhinui Station upgrade is to be within the next five years. Meaning it is funded for and all set to go when Auckland Transport is able to do it.

The current Area Plan set for adoption now points that the Puhinui Station upgrade has been shunted from the five-year to do list to the 6-30 year aspiration but never-never wish list due to funding or lack of political capital. That got my attention and disgust pretty quickly as we get no South Link and we get stuck with a dunger of a station for those wanting to transfer.

Transport Blog alerts me to this from Auckland Transport:

Mandate for designing and installing a common elements shelter at Puhinui has been received. This will provide improved customer facilities to cater for the increasing demand at Puhinui following the introduction of the Manukau line and opening of MIT. The concept design has been completed and reviewed by AT Ops team. The upgraded facility is planned to be completed by June 2015.


As you will notice with the reports on Otahuhu and Manukau Interchange start dates (see item report embedded below) they seem to be still going ahead but we know there is funding issues around them. Now we know AT in their Board Meeting next week are doing Budget reallocations. Now to be very fair to AT those allocations could allow both the full works to go ahead rather than what we fear of just some basic stuff for Otahuhu with the rest delayed until 2021 while Manukau gets shunted entirely until 2021. However, the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act requests should give the final answers to those questions.


So with Puhinui Station we see it is getting a full shelter upgrade. YAY no protests from me. But I thought this would be considered the upgrade as the station platform surface is relatively new and the new over-bridge was only done a couple of years ago. There is no third main coming through the area any time soon and any Park and Ride for Puhinui has been shunted until well beyond 2025. But the Area Plan document suggests there is no upgrade of any sort any time soon.

So, do we have a case of Auckland Council and Auckland Transport not talking to each other again? Is it a case of what constitutes a station upgrade is different between AT and Auckland Council and even myself. Is the Area Plan actually wrong and the Auckland Development Committee needing to have it amended next week. Or did AT fudge it and there is no upgrade coming for Puhinui?


Again this is a case of the Left Hand not talking to the Right Hand making life extremely confusing. No wonder why developers go ape with Local Government over projects and consents. Oh and looking at the AT Forward Planning paper I see Otahuhu Interchange is up for open discussion with the AT Board on the 15th of December. I wonder what that is about seeming construction is meant to be under way by then whether it be basic or the full option.


The Auckland Development Committee Agenda and Addendum Agenda (The Otara-Papatoetoe Area Plan is in the Addendum Agenda)



The Auckland Transport Board Agenda Item 8  Business Report (scroll for the public transport projects)


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