Sydney Leaves Auckland For Dead

Sydney Shows What I have Told Auckland Council Needs to Be Done

A Urban and Transport Infrastructure Led Development


Yet again one of our more advanced cousins which in this case is Sydney leaves Auckland for dead in world-class partnership between public authorities and the private sector urban and transport infrastructure development.

From Sydney:


Members of a new consortium, consisting of the locally-based Alto Group and construction group Brookfield Multiplex, have welcomed Willoughby Council’s recent
decision to seek public comments and feedback on their proposal for an exciting new urban re-development in the heart of St Leonards. The proposed area for the ‘St Leonards Central’ project assumes the consolidation of four parcels of land and rail corridor north and east of the St Leonards Railway station: the land parcels are currently owned separately by Alto Group, RailCorp and Willoughby Council.

Willoughby Council as one of the landowners, has recently consented for the consortium to submit an Unsolicited Proposal to the NSW Government to enable negotiations to be held with Transport for NSW / RailCorp as the other pertinent
landowner. “We are obviously only in the initial planning phase for this St Leonards Central proposal,” said Alto Group owner, George Altomonte, “ and it is currently tabled as a conceptual plan only.” “But our end vision for the area is to see a whole new, vibrant and rejuvenated family-friendly ‘civic place’, with more open spaces for play and entertainment areas and landscaped gardens, as well as enhanced access to either side of the station. St Leonards Central has the potential to become a whole new centre for the local community.”

To assist the community in better understanding of the concept design the consortium have today launched a Project website, .
The website contains all the latest information and concept images about the proposal including outlining the planning processes and informing people on how they can participate in the consultation process. The St Leonards Central concept design proposes three new buildings of 38, 48 and 55 storeys high, being built over a three-level retail/commercial podium with a gross floor area (GFA) of approximately 121,000m2 and potentially including up to 1,300 new residential apartments.

The vibrant new precinct would also include a 7,500m2 landscaped plaza over the rail corridor, with new connections to adjoining roadways, new pedestrian and cycleways and additional improvements to St Leonards Station, including new entrances and a platform cover.



So again an international city shows how it is done while our Council does the following:

  • Abandons being the lead authority in transit orientated development around the proposed Manukau Transport Interchange (that is uncertain with its own funding)
  • Shunts all place making and urban renewal activities for Manukau City Centre (a Metropolitan Centre) from any that were on the five year certainty and funded table to all now on the 6-30 year aspiration, unfunded, uncommitted and thus will never get done table via the Otara-Papatoetoe Area Plan
  • Continue to ignore increasing advocacy, evidence, and citing of international examples of such public private partnership transit orientated developments and/or wider urban renewal in an Metropolitan Centre
  • Continues to use failed 1990’s legacy planning models for places like Westgate, New Lynn and Flatbush – all which are auto-centric developments rather than people-centric developments


When will our Council learn?


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