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Auckland 2040’s Richard Burton and I are saying similar things

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Bob Dey continues his Unitary Plan Hearings Coverage on his Property Report website. In the latest coverage Bob looks at Auckland 2040’s submission to the Unitary Plan.

In brief from Property Report:

UP7: Burton sees the antithesis of good planning, but says the compact city can work

Controlled intensification at selected central points around the region, or willy-nilly through suburbia?

Retired planning consultant Richard Burton, founder of the Auckland 2040 group seeking to protect suburbs from domination by unwanted new structures, has told the panel hearing submissions on Auckland’s unitary plan that the council proposal for implementing the plan will mean the council won’t have design input, won’t be able to control where development occurs, and will ensure much development occurs where it shouldn’t, and needn’t, occur.

He said the council evidence already showed intensification could be confined to the areas in & around centres, keeping it out of suburban streets, because capacity for the anticipated growth within the metropolitan urban limits as they stood in 2010 was well above anticipated demand: “There is room for a more precautionary approach, providing time to assess the nature & rate of intensification in & around centres before making decisions as to whether additional intensification zoning is required.”

The plan would promote intensification in centres and along main public transport routes, but Mr Burton said it wouldn’t provide sufficient definition between residential zones to clearly demarcate between urban intensification areas & residential areas where limited infill would be more appropriate.


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In my first official podcast for 2015 I give my own thoughts to what Richard Burton has said in regards to Auckland’s development:


The link to my own post I mentioned can be found here: UNITARY PLAN TRAGEDY PART TWO


I go before the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel mid year to talk mostly above zones. That being what and how can develop on the zones as well as either introducing a new zone (the Super Metropolitan Centre) or renaming existing proposed zones (the residential zones).

Those ideas can be read in my Unitary Plan submission below: