Update on the New/Proposed Takanini Schools

Seeking more information


New proposed school site
New proposed school site

My NOTICE OF REQUIREMENT OUT FOR NEW SCHOOL IN TAKANINI post sparked a bit of interest in those wanting to find out more information either on the school itself or the proposed high school in the area.

With some help from a consultant information is being sought after for the proposed high school in the Takanini/Addison/Walters Road area. Once the information has been found I will update on the blog.


As for a some questions that popped about the new primary/intermediate school and why it is being built rather than Papakura Normal being extended, the suggestive answer so far given was:

The demographic forecasts undertaken by the Ministry indicated that there would be a capacity deficit of 540 public school places for children aged 5-12 in the Takanini area by 2020. This growth cannot be accommodated by the existing primary school, hence the decision to designate additional property for another primary school.


So the Ministry of Education in that belief has decided to go for a second primary school close by. Now that does present questions on existing schools in Papakura especially as Papakura has a Metropolitan Centre Zone at its current town centre. This means Council believes high growth is due for the Papakura area. Well if the Greenfield developments are anything to go by that is for sure. As with a large swathe of east Papakura under the Takanini Strategic Housing Area, the Unitary Plan already applies to the existing urban area under that particular SHA. Meaning my house and those around it sit on a Mixed Housing Urban Zone. Thus if I get my 2000m2 lot on the MHU Zone I can use the Unitary Plan rules for that particular zone. Meaning I can go for three storey units of unlimited density if I am reading the rules right for a Mixed Housing Urban Zone.



The final question then begs itself is Papakura ready for such intensive developments? I will keep working my way through to see what answer I can come up with but for now it is a ‘No.’