Why Catton and her growing list of backers are more patriotic than their Right-wing critics.



Bennett Morgan writes:

I hadn’t gotten hold of our local Fairfax rag till about 7 o’clock this evening. Immediately I prepared myself to scoff at its content and its unsubtle bias.

Sure enough, there were the ever so scoff-able headlines; ‘Is Eleanor Catton ungrateful?’ and ‘Key trumps Little’ (in first speech of the year).

Firstly on the Key vs Little debate, I didn’t find either one of their speeches particularly inspiring or standing-ovation worthy. With that said, play back the footage and watch who has the crowd on their feet at the end; it’s Little. He had Auckland business leaders on their feet with a promise to turn attention back to small business, the engine of our economy, and away from the National-backed corporations. And of course the speech lacked detail, because Andrew Little doesn’t know, naturally, what he can do to make small business grow. He isn’t a small…

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