Rates, What Can We Expect (There is a sting in the tail with it)



Rates, one of the most vexed issues apart from transport and housing. As Rates supplies Auckland Council some 46% of its income and for me cost around $1,345 a year it is often a hot button issue especially when we hear ‘Rates Rises’ and ‘Services’ in the same sentence.


Again looking at the 2015-2025 Consultation Booklet I take a close look at one particular aspects of the Rates question that has a nasty sting in its take if we adopt the Auckland Plan Transport Network:


The Long Term Plan Consultation Booklet


The Talking Auckland Long Term Plan Series

  1. Introduction
  2. Investing in Auckland (Includes 10 year Budget at a glance)
  3. Fixing Transport
  4. Your Rates
  5. Housing and Development
  6. Local Board priorities (general unless I get specific requests)
  7. My feedback indication
  8. Conclusion