New Apartment Tower On The Way For Manukau City Centre

New R$$$ Apartment Tower Planned For Manukau


I was alerted on Twitter today of a new apartment complex to be built in Manukau City Centre. This will be on heels of the mixed use tower M Central next to MIT/Manukau Train Station due to open soon. Called Lakewood Plaza the brochure and website ( states that the complex on the south-eastern corner of Manukau City Centre will house R$$$ designer apartments, gym, day spa, pool, restaurant, and both car and cycle parking.

Now for Sim City players you will get the R$$$ meaning but for the rest it means the following:

R = Residential
$ = Wealth Value

R$ is Residential Affordable (use to be low wealth)
R$$ is Residential medium wealth
R$$$ is Residential high wealth


This is the front page of the Lakewood Website

Lakewood in Manukau Source:
Lakewood in Manukau


This is where the building would be located:

Lakewood in Manukau location and zone rules
Lakewood in Manukau location and zone rules

Note: the Unitary Plan rules only allow for a six storey building and Lakewood Plaza is 15. This would be because the legacy rules of unlimited height apply until the Unitary Plan goes live next year. The Manukau Metropolitan Centre Zone would limit all new buildings in that zone to 18 storeys where at the moment it is an unlimited height. I have submitted on the Unitary Plan to have the height limits removed for the Metropolitan Centre Zone in Manukau.


Below is the brochure of the Lakewood Plaza by the Du Val Group:


The website to Du Val can be found here:


I find this very exciting that Manukau City Centre is getting her fourth high-rise apartment tower and technically her first R$$$ tower at that. Manukau is the two smaller city centres in Auckland and serves as the primary hub for Southern Auckland. With the Manukau (rail) Line it is also close to the main City Centre via a 30 minute trip on the new electric trains. It was said in 2013 South Auckland was the rising jewel in Auckland’s Crown ( and this new apartment tower with some serious ritz and glitz to it is a testament to the fastest growing area in all of Auckland.


But while this new R$$$ is on its way for Manukau City Centre; Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and the Auckland Design Office (that is the home of Council’s Design Champion Ludo Campbell-Reid) need to get off their collective arses and sink some serious capital in Manukau like they have with the main city centre.

So how about some for Manukau City Centre:

  1. That Manukau City Centre Master Plan I mentioned last year
  2. Road diets of our 4-lane roads
  3. Shared Streets
  4. Protected/Separated Cycleways
  5. Meaningful pedestrian paths with traffic signals don’t make pedestrian wait forever for the Green Man
  6. Getting the Manukau Bus Interchange complete by the Tower’s opening (2016 at this rate)
  7. Bus Lanes and bus priority measures
  8. Pocket Parks (working on that one at the moment my end with good Council support for an investigation on viability of such pocket parks)
  9. Hayman Park fully upgraded (listed to be done within five years under the Otara-Papatoetoe Area Plan but Long Term Plan budget cuts make it uncertain)
  10. And partnering up with Westfield/Scentre to give a full make over for the mall including developing over the car parks


Because we would love Auckland to be the World’s most liveable city – and Auckland is everything from the Bombays to Welsford. That is why we resort to private funding for a pocket park in Manukau City Centre while the City Centre and Waterfront get a truckload of public cashed dumped on it.
Equity issues anyone?

A legit rant to Council especially when private developers are about to sink some serious investment in places like Manukau. So in return for that investment Council needs to do its investment (via its new incoming Development Auckland CCO (Council Controlled Organisation)) to “support” that incoming development like the new R$$$ tower.


Still, great to see this new tower coming for Manukau 😀