Witnessing the slow decay of a government past it’s Use-By date

Sure the blog piece was written by a Social Democrat but it is also to note that I am a Social Liberal (well the Political Compass tests point that way) to keep things transparent.

But yes from my own observations (and also being rather bored of this administration) the Key Government has entered the Shipley Syndrome and even repeating the same policy gaffs as Shipley.

Seeming Key talks war he might want to learn from France and Germany’s mistake on conquering Russia – well trying and having your ass handed to you by both the British AND the Russians. Only fools repeat history and this Government is fast on the way to repeating 1999.

However, one element missing is the voters themselves. We voters seemed to have embraced ourselves into the Classic Liberal era that plagued Victorian England. That is all for me and be damned to everyone else outside my own little bubble or hyper-individualism.

This hyper-individualism is not natural for New Zealand. Kiwi’s while socially conservative (we have our liberal moments) they are also through history generous as well. Even conservative Sir Robert Muldoon was generous and receptive to the plight of the gangs in his era. There is a reason why Muldoon got a send off by the gangs at his funeral and John Key will not.

I will say remember hyper-individualism will bite you in the ass as it did in 1929. So it might be time to burst that bubble of yours and be generous towards your fellow Kiwi again. Because THEY will be the ones helping you when the chips are down. Not the State and definitely no John Key’s Government who would tuck and tail and run as fast as they could.

So just remember that on our national day – Waitangi Day

Frankly Speaking...




There is something unpleasantly familiar about the recent appalling events surrounding the current National government and it’s embattled leader, John Key and his strange relationship with Cameron Slater.

Searching my memory, it dawned on me: I am witnessing a replay of the closing years of the Shipley Administration, before it was eventually turfed out of office in November 1999.

The Shipley-led minority-National government was racked with crises.

One such was the Saatchi Affair, where then-PM, Jenny Shipley, was found to have lied about a dinner engagement with Saatchi & Saatchi boss, Kevin Roberts. Shipley’s recall of that dinner engagement – and the topics of discussion – were at variance with what Roberts had claimed took place.

Shipley had misled public; the media; and the public. The headlines at the time pilloried her;




Sound familiar?

To call the National government of that time a “decaying…

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