Auckland Transport and ATEED FAIL PASIFIKA – Update

No Special Events Buses and Trains

Parking Building is Actually Closed


I knew it was going to be too good to be true with Pasifika moved to Hayman Park – Manukau City that both Auckland Transport, and ATEED (the event promoter) could not organise a simple what is well – a drink up at a brewery,


Word just in is that Auckland Transport and ATEED are pointing fingers at each other over who should be doing what in catering for the transport needs to those going to and from the Pasifika Festival.

That is with 80,000 people IF NOT MORE with the event being hosted in the heart of Pasifika – South Auckland, the Manukau City Centre there is no extra trains, and no special event buses being put on for the two-day event THIS WEEKEND.


Yep that is right: NO Special event buses from places like Otara Town Centre, Mangere Town Centre, and Manurewa Town Centre to help shuttle the people to and from Pasifika.

Yep that is right: We have no extra trains from Britomart, Henderson or Papakura on all rail lines (apart from Onehunga) running services and either directly linking to Manukau Station (which is right next door to Hayman Park) or linking up with the Manukau Trains beyond the weekend frequencies (so every 30 minutes at best rather than the every 15 minutes using the EMU 6 car sets that will be needed with the Manukau Line going every 10 minutes).

Yep that is right: The Auckland Transport Ronwood Avenue, 676 spaces – 8 level Public Car Parking Building is normally closed on the weekends. Now with off-street parking going to be bad as is I wonder if Auckland Transport will open the building up.

It also begs the question what will Lot 59 which is still currently housing 500 car parks be used for? Ultimately it should be used as a bus interchange for special events buses as well as parking for Pasifika Stall Holders. But with AT and ATEED dropping the ball on special event provisions this is unlikely.



There will be shuttles running from Puhinui Station to Manukau Station for Pasifika. Will try and get the numbers and frequencies once this detail is further known 


So then where is the Mayor? He wanted Pasifika in Manukau City Centre – the heart of the South which is the heart of Pasifika in Auckland and beyond. With the large event to be held in the South where did the transport arrangements go? Come on Len, bang the heads of Auckland Transport and ATEED together and get some quality and very frequent public transport going!

South Auckland DOES NOT need Pasifika to be a transport omni-shambles because someone in Council forgot how everyone would get there….