Sounds like Australian Federal and State Pork Barrel politics just about at its worst being applied by a flailing National Government here in NZ

Heck that kind of money could have upgraded the North Auckland Rail Line between Swanson and Whangarei. You know an actual piece of infrastructure that links Northland back to Auckland unlike the Holiday Highway which even if it got to Welsford (and there is no indication it ever will right now) it is still 12km short of the Northland geographic boundary).

After the NAL is upgraded there is more than likely some spare change to build the Marsden Point Branch Line to connect the NAL to the Marsden Point deep water port, the refinery and a future industrial area in the vicinity.

Such two simple projects for $70m that give more economic benefits than Bridges trying to bridge Bridges that are low on the Council’s list of things to do, and Joyce’s Holiday Highway that would never touch Northland even if fully completed…..