Manukau Parklet to be Reported on By Auckland Transport (Oh and the Interchange MK2)

Still ping pong between two CCOs but getting there

The Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board meetings on Monday May 18th, in which the Auckland Transport representative will give a run down on both the new Manukau Interchange design (oh dear) and the Parklet also for the same site.

The full agenda is below but the Interchange and Parklet in question:

Lot 59/ Pocket Park

  1. This project is on track to be completed in 2017, and has had a number of changes from the original master plan. The board received a public forum presentation to create a public space in two areas that originally did not have requirements from the project. The board asked Auckland Transport to investigate the possibility of a pocket park/parklet to be installed within the Manukau Bus Interchange creating a public space.
  1. The current design for the bus interchange differs to the one presented at the board meeting.  Although there is an open space currently indicated on the updated design, there are plans for that space to be returned to Auckland Council Property Limited (ACPL) to manage. Auckland Transport will create an informal open space, if ACPL are not able to deliver on their plans by the time the project is completed in 2017.
  2. Auckland Transport proposes that the Lot 59 project team update the board at a workshop so that the board are brought up to date on changes from the original master plan and have a further opportunity to explore how public amenity can be incorporated.
MK2 design for Lot 59 interchange 

Sorry there is no larger image yet (I will get one).

In comparison this was the MK1 design:

Manukau Bus Interchange
Manukau Bus Interchange

Not much of a change between the designs apart from going back down to one space available for the Parklets (top right corner of the MK2 design). Although 30 bays? Apparently that is enough to cater for 250-300 buses AN HOUR. I don’t quite think every lower Downtown gets that high let alone this for Manukau. 

From what I can see Auckland Transport is willing to give the Parklet a go although from the Agenda it seems the land where the Parklet is going to go will be handed to Development Auckland (not ACPL as mentioned) in which it could be sold per the Auckland Development Committee last year.

A workshop is to be held on the Interchange MK2 designs and how the parklet or even a full scale park can be implemented into Lot 59.

I will be at the Local Board meeting on the 18th to hear the report and questions.

None-the-less progress is being made and Auckland Transport still support the project.