Housing Minister Blames Who For His Policy Botch Up? #AKLPols

Well it was not surprising after the slow train wreck continues

Already the Government is being challenged in the High Court of its proposed Crown land release in Auckland by Iwi. In my Ngati Whatua and Waikato-Tainui to Take Action in Court Over Government Housing Plan post I said:

Ever since Housing Minister back in late May announce his now rather ill-thought out housing policy for Crown Land (well debatable there in some cases like the Manukau site) the entire thing through to know has been a rather slow moving train wreck for the Government.


Well I think that wreck just hit a new level earlier this morning. Check this piece from 3-News:

Housing Minister Nick Smith blames journalist for housing woes

Tuesday 16 Jun 2015 11:53 a.m.

Housing Minister Nick Smith has blamed 3 News for putting him under “enormous pressure” with his plans to open up Crown Land for housing – and subsequent blunders.

Smith was left red-faced after it was discovered the first parcel of vacant land he took journalists to on his bus tour of public land was actually owned mostly by Auckland Council – not the Government.

He was asked today if he’s botched the rollout of the Crown land initiative, to which he replied “no”.

However, he took a swipe at 3 News journalist Brook Sabin saying “If I regret an element, it’s that Brook you’ve put me under enormous pressure saying that we are going to build houses on cemeteries and substations which was never the intention. I pushed officials very hard to find the sort of lands which would illustrate what we were doing on this programme… Next time you push me hard I’ll need to tell you to be more patient so that we can get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.”

Asked if he was blaming Sabin, Smith said “No, I’m saying next time you push me I’m going to push back harder.”

3 News


Source: http://www.3news.co.nz/nznews/housing-minister-nick-smith-blames-journalist-for-housing-woes-2015061611

The Tweets that were coming from the Press Gallery were something else entirely:

@audreyNZH: John Key has just admitted he got wrong advice about Ngati Whatua’s right of refusal in Moire Rd surplus land.
@FrancesCook: Housing Minister Nick Smith says repeated errors of fact on Auckland build is media fault, for pushing too hard for immediate answers.
@FrancesCook: Smith says next time he’ll “push back harder”, make media wait for answers.
@FrancesCook: Admits he was “mis-advised” on some of it though, says he’s “investigating” how that happened.
@LIVENewsDesk: Housing Minister Nick Smith admits his officials ‘guesstimated’ the 500-hectare figure of available Crown land in Auckland.

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