Governing Body to Endorse Long Term Plan #Auckland2016

Rates also to be struck (meaning new Rates Bill in August)

The Governing Body of Auckland Council is to meet tomorrow to endorse the Long Term Plan. Meaning when it passes that the new Rating formulas will be set and the framework for the next three Annual Plans outlined.

Below is an extract from the Addendum Agenda containing the General Rating Formula, Waste Management rate, and some of the Targeted Rates that you will see on your Rates bill:

Rates setting 2015/2016

File No.: CP2015/10800


  1. To recommend to the Governing Body the setting of rates for 2015/2016.

Executive Summary

  1. The Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 (LG(R)A) requires that rates are set by resolution of the council after the adoption of the Long-term Plan. This report contains the

recommendations necessary to set the rates for 2015/2016 which are in accordance with the

Revenue and Financing Policy and Funding Impact Statement in the Long-term Plan 2015-

2025 to be considered by the Governing Body in separate preceding report on this agenda.

  1. The recommendations include the following agreed rates related changes for 2015/2016:
  • a Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) of $385
  • setting the overall share of general rates from business at 33.0 per cent
  • no further rates transition, same rates for same value property
  • the Interim Transport Levy (targeted rate) to fund the accelerated transport programme
  • the introduction of a new City Centre targeted rate for residents
  • an increase in the Mangere-Otahuhu swimming pool targeted rate to fund free adult entry to the new Otahuhu swimming pool
  • the creation of a new general rate differential category for properties with no road access.
  1. Ballots in May 2015 for the extension of the boundaries for the Dominion Road and Parnell Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) were successful. The targeted rates recommended for these BIDs are based on the extended BID boundaries.
  2. The recommendations in this report will also set the instalment dates, early payment discount, and penalties to be applied for late payment for 2015/2016.


That the Governing Body:

  1. a) resolve under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 to set rates for the 2015/2016 financial year and to authorise the addition of penalties as follows:
  2. i) that a Uniform Annual General Charge be set, for all rateable land, at $385.00 (including GST) per separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit.
  3. ii) that a general rate be set for all rateable land based on the capital value of the land and at different rates in the dollar for different categories of land as set out

in the table below:

Category Rate in the dollar of capital value (including GST)

  • Urban business: 00680685
  • Franklin urban business: 00660375
  • Urban residential: 00246777
  • Rural business: 00612007
  • Franklin rural business: 00594733
  • Rural residential: 00222099
  • Farm/lifestyle: 00197422
  • No road access: 00061694
  • Uninhabitable islands: 0


To work out General Rates component of your bill, get your new valuation and multiply it by the respective Category Rate above. Of course this does not include Waste, the Uniform Annual General Charge ($385) nor any Targeted Rates that all contribute to the total.

As for Councillors abstaining on the vote on Thursday? Yeah nah. You either vote Yes or No or simply resign right now.

Addendum Agenda with formulas and other Rating components:

The Main Agenda: