The Long Term Plan: Howick Local Board

New Projects going forward in the Howick Local Board

While not traditionally part of South Auckland, Howick I will along with Otahuhu and Franklin place together in a larger grouping known as Southern Auckland. Together the Local Boards and Wards of Southern Auckland face unique challenges together owing to their overall Geography.

From Howick Local Board:

Local feedback gives direction on projects

The final version of Auckland Council’s 10 Year Budget 2015-2025 (Long Term Plan) has been adopted following feedback from people across Auckland.

In the Howick Local Board area, the board has agreed on the proposals they will progress over the next ten years.

Howick Local Board Chair David Collings says 1,300 people the Howick Local Board area gave feedback on local proposals for the 2015/16 financial year and 2016/2022.

“It’s great to see 62 per cent support the overall direction of our proposals. After considering feedback, the board has agreed to fund all the projects proposed in the consultation,” says Mr Collings.

“The majority of support was the coastal management programme, funding local community projects and events, extending walkways and cycleways, and developing the multi-use community facility and library.

“We will also continue advocating for the timely and appropriate delivery of the Half Moon Bay transport hub, and improvements to public transport and traffic congestion, including the Reeves Road Flyover,” says Mr Collings.

Projects that the Howick Local Board has decided to progress over the next 10 years include:

  • Continue to deliver a coastal management programme
  • Progress the redevelopment of the Uxbridge Creative Arts Centre
  • Continue to fund local community projects and events
  • Further develop Barry Curtis Park, walkways, cycleways and play space at Flat Bush
  • Upgrade Flat Bush Water Quality Ponds
  • Develop the multi-use community facility, library and aquatic centre at Flat Bush
  • Develop sports fields and install artificial turf on key sports parks
  • Develop Flat Bush green fingers, Murphy’s Park, and Tamaki Inlet Walkway
  • Extend existing walkways and cycleways and include informative signage
  • Investigate potential for a youth focussed facility or more programmes for youth.


I do note the Local Board is pushing for more bus lanes in their area while being cool to the Reeves Road Flyover in Pakuranga that their out of touch Electorate MPs, and Ward Councillors are calling for.