The Long Term Plan: Papakura Local Board

New Projects going forward in the Papakura Local Board Area

From my home Local Board – Papakura:

Local feedback shapes project decisions

The final version of Auckland Council’s Ten Year Budget 2015-2025 (Long Term Plan) has been adopted following feedback from people across the Auckland region.

Papakura Local Board Chair Bill McEntee says after considering feedback on local proposals, the board has agreed to progress the following projects over the next ten years:

  • A metropolitan centre master plan
  • Upgrades to Drury Domain
  • Pahurehure Inlet cycle and walkways
  • Establishing community and teaching gardens at Karaka
  • Continued development of Opaheke Fields
  • Takanini multi-use community hub and library
  • Developing a community arts programme
  • Youth development initiatives
  • Bringing more sports and community events to Papakura.

“433 people gave us feedback on local proposals and it’s great to see 60 per cent indicated support for our overall direction,” says Mr McEntee.

“There was particular support to prioritise the Papakura-Manurewa area for regeneration and development (80 per cent), work on a metropolitan centre master plan (73 per cent), and continuing the sports park development at Opaheke Fields (78 per cent).

“We’re also focussed on developing the local economy and employment opportunities. A metropolitan centre master plan, more sports and community events, and good youth development initiatives will help us toward this goal.”

Mr McEntee says there was a low level support for a proposed local targeted rate to fund town centre improvements.

“The board will seek partnerships with local businesses and employers as an alternative way of funding the town centre rejuvenation,” says Mr McEntee.

“These outcomes are a great example of the real influence local feedback has on the way we plan for Papakura and its future.”

Visit to see the final Long-term Plan and summary of the decisions available later this week.


I can understand reluctance for a Targeted Rate for the Town Centre (well Metropolitan Centre) to be upgraded before a plan is done. That said the Local Board is to commission a Metropolitan Centre Master Plan and was an idea I submitted to the Local Board on during a submission process last year.

Given that like Franklin, Papakura is a growth area the Auckland Development Committee should be doing a stock take especially on the Papakura Metropolitan Centre (see: Stock-take On Our Centres? I would say so before Unitary Plan Goes Live).