Auckland Development Committee Agenda Up. UPDATED With More Attachments

Action packed and we are going to go back to another round of consultation again

The Auckland Development Committee Agenda for next week is up and she is an action packed one with three heavy items up for consideration.

Those heavy items include:

  • The Future Urban Land Strategy (draft) to be sent out for consultation
  • The adoption of the Integrated Business Precinct Plan – Industrial Southern Auckland
  • Hobsonville Point Land for development consideration

The Agenda (note there are still several attachments to come through from Council)

The Agenda Attachments containing memos

The Agenda containing the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy (amongst other documents)

Future Urban Land Strategy

This strategy is set to go for public consultation between July 17 and August 17. Right on top of the Development Capacity Model coming out for Unitary Plan submitters, Planners, and The Panel.

From the Agenda paper (note the actual draft strategy was not out at the time of this post):

Public Consultation

20. Public consultation on the Strategy will follow the Special Consultative Procedure set out in s83 of the Local Government Act (2002). A ‘statement of proposal’ is included as Attachment 2.

21. It is proposed that a delegated hearing panel be formed as part of the Special Consultative Procedure, made up of three members of the Auckland Development Committee. This hearing panel would be required to attend consultation events and listen to people’s views. The hearing panel would also be required to consider the consultation feedback received, deliberate and make recommendations back to the Auckland Development Committee on changes required.

22. The consultation period will run from 17 July to 17 August 2015. Consultation will commence with a media release and live webpage on Friday, 17 July 2015. Advertisements will be placed in the Herald and local papers, giving notice that the Strategy and a statement of proposal are available for review and comment. It is proposed that during that period, the
Strategy and a feedback form be available on the Shape Auckland website and a series of ‘have your say events’ be held across the region, open to all members of the public. These events will ensure that public feedback is received and understood by decision makers and staff.

23. A separate briefing will be held with Local Board Chairs. It is anticipated that Local Board members will also attend the ‘have your say’ events. Mana whenua Chairs had an information Hui in late June 2015. Additional direct consultation may occur with iwi during the consultation period.

24. At the end of the consultation period, a report from the hearing panel will be prepared, summarising the feedback received and based on the feedback, making recommendations on amendments to the Strategy as may be required.

25. The final version of the Strategy will be reported to the Auckland Development Committee in October 2015.

26. The Strategy will be used to inform the Proposed Unitary Plan hearings in October when the Rural Urban Boundary is considered by the Independent Hearing Panel.


I will be keeping an eye on when that Strategy when it is released and probably submit on it given that the South has the largest amount of the Future Urban Zone set in the Unitary thus far.

2 thoughts on “Auckland Development Committee Agenda Up. UPDATED With More Attachments

  1. Seems amusing that the Council persist on trying to introduce the FULSS into the PAUP Hearings when the IHP have cleared stated in their draft decisions that they are unlikely to be adopting it into the PAUP.

    1. I have noticed that. So it begs belief what Council is trying to do.

      Now I know the IHP is waiting of the Development Capacity Model to also come out July 17.

      But something tells me the Council is going to be on the receiving end of the stick through all this

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