Doing Things The Auckland Way (Since 1959)

Want rail to the airport like other advanced international World Cities?

Going to have to wait until 2045 (at least)

Yep I kid you not folks. On the back of NZTA announcing scoping works for another road Waitemata Harbour Crossing (with no scope for rail only of if rail is included there is no mention of how it will connect to the existing network (the City Rail Link)) we have reports of the Airport Line possibly being built by around 2045.

From the NZ Herald:

Auckland Transport to ‘future proof’ motorway project

By Mathew Dearnaley 

Auckland Transport is having to stump of $21 million to “future-proof” a motorway project for trains or trams to the airport.

The council body is paying the money to the Government’s Transport Agency, towards extra costs of designing a motorway interchange for trams to run through a trench beneath Kirkbride Road, Mangere, or trains on an elevated line.

That is additional to $140m the agency is spending on the 580-metre trench and a motorway extension to the airport in an accelerated Government-funded project.

Preparations are well-advanced for the trench to be dug west of George Bolt Drive.

The extra cost was revealed to a community liaison meeting at which Campaign for Better Transport representative Graeme Easte was shocked by a map showing no spare room in a highway designation between the trench and the airport for a railway.


Auckland Council infrastructure chairman Mike Lee is furious at the “snail’s pace” of Auckland Transport’s management, and its resurrection of trams as an option after a steering group he chaired ruled those out in 2011 in favour of fast electric trains to the airport.

He rejects a cost estimate by Auckland Transport last year of $1.63 billion for heavy rail from Onehunga to the airport by 2045, given the distance is just 10km.

Airport rail:

• Auckland Transport estimates a railway extension carrying electric trains from Onehunga to the airport by 2045 would cost $1.63 billion.
• Auckland Council infrastructure chair Mike Lee rejects the figure as “imaginary” for a link of just 10km, and is furious the transport planners have resurrected trams as an option.


Full article:

Ideally the Airport Line from the City would be completed the same time the City Rail Link opened (2023-2025) so that we get best bang for buck and a rapid link to our airport. You know like other ADVANCED international World cities that we are trying to compete with have.

But no 2045 is when we are likely to get our Airport Line if at all so until then our tourists and commuters can spend the next 30 years stuck on an obsolete motorway. Cue please:

Bean Head desking

As for a rail line (most likely light rail) from the Airport to Manukau and out to Botany? 2025 is when in the ideal world that would be in place and operating. But somehow I don’t think Auckland would even be able to muster that given the situation for the Airport Line.

Welcome to doing things the Auckland way like it’s 1959.

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