Unitary Plan Hearings Update – 58% there

58% there, approaching rezoning exercises

The Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel reports that they are 58% of the way through provisions dealing with Regional and District Plans contained in the Unitary Plan and soon will be looking at the big rezoning and site specifics exercises.

From the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel

How is the hearings programme progressing?

The hearings on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan continue to make good progress. Earlier this year the hearings on the regional policy statement and regional coastal plan were completed. The hearing process for the regional and district plan sections of the plan is now 58% complete. Shortly the programme for the site specific hearing topics will be on the web. This will include zones and precincts, the RUB, the Waitakere Ranges precinct and the mapping for special character and pre 1944. Check What’s new? on our home page after 15 July to see when these hearings will be held. The Panel expects to complete all the hearings by 30 April 2016 so it can make its recommendations to Auckland Council in July 2016.

For more information about the hearings on now, go to the hearings page.
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Source: http://www.aupihp.govt.nz/newsevents/

So the Hearings Panel is looking at finishing by the end of April ready to make its recommendations to the Council in July. Of note we also have Council elections in September and October so the whole thing could be politicised again if we are not careful.

For me I am working my way through the Hearings with my submission effectively split into three:

  1. Centres Zones (to be Heard in September)
  2. Residential Zones (to head to Mediation at end of the month before the Hearings in October)
  3. Rezoning on the Isthmus and Southern Auckland (awaiting dates on this)