Unitary Plan Hearings Panel ‘Rules Against’ Pre 1944 Historic Overlay

Panel not convinced, changes should be sought through Plan Changes

Last night the Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel released Interim Guidance on the Pre 1944 Historic Overlay, and Special Character provisions.

This is what the Panel led by Judge Kirkpatrick had to say:

In short the Panel has said that if you want protection on historic character and the Special Character provisions added then it should be done by Plan Changes backed up with Section 32 analysis under the Resource Management Act. These Plan Changes must also acknowledge Sections 6 and 7 of the RMA where the Regional Policy Statement on Urban Growth sit and also had its on Guidance issued on late last year.

From what I can gather it seems the Historic and Special Character provisions might be booted back to the Residential Zoning section of the Unitary Plan which is due to start mediation at the end of the month. But the question is how do you use the base residential zones to ensure Special Character and/or Historic provisions especially if a higher density zone is applied in the first place.

I did write this on a Special Character Zone in the first round of feedback of the Unitary Plan. It didn’t gain much support from the pro-Heritage department of Auckland so I left it out of my final submission.

Maybe time for another look.