Rail Omnishambles Continued into June #AKLPols

Two Months of Poor Performance

After the May omnishambles on the rail network (May 2015 Rail Performance. In the English Language we call this an Omnishambles!) you would hope things improve for June.

Nope with these just in from Auckland Transport:


Monthly performance reporting for June:

  • Track, Signals, Train Control and Traction Overhead (KiwiRail) – Major infrastructure faults affected services on eleven days in the month.
  • Diesel Train faults (KiwiRail) – Major incidents impacted service delivery on four days during the month.
  • Electric Train Operations – Electric train operations resulted in major delays on five days during June 2015.
  • Operational (Transdev) – Major incidents impacted delivery on four days during the month.
  • Other – Train operations were affected by five incidents during the month. On 4 June a mudslide that temporarily blocked one line near the Parnell tunnel caused significant disruption to services through the morning. On the same day Police stopped a train at Glen Innes searching for an person who was alleged to be carrying a fire arm; the person was eventually found at Britomart but the incident caused significant disruption to evening peak services. There were three other incidents that disrupted train operations where Police were required to attend to disruptive or criminal activity on the network

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And yep I was caught on several of those Eastern Line delays trying to get to and from Town for Unitary Plan mediation sessions.

Today is the last day for the diesels (apart from Papakura-Pukekohe) with full electric roll out on Monday.

Also Auckland Transport does have a battle plan to try and improve punctuality and reliability so we don’t get over one in four trains late. How this battle plan will pan out will be seen over the next 12 months.


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  1. Just curious, with the continuation of performance issues, are there other underlying factors contributing to what on the surface seems like bad luck? That’s an awful lot of people getting very irate.

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