Month: July 2015

Confirmed: Skypath Consent To Be Appealed at the Environment Court

Two Northcote associations appealing

Just in and as we feared:

SkyPath Environment Court appeals

Two appeals have been lodged with the Environment Court in relation to the resource consent application granted by independent commissioners for SkyPath earlier this month.

Resource consent for the project, which would see a combined pedestrian and cycle pathway attached to the Auckland Harbour Bridge, was granted to Woodward Infrastructure Ltd on 3 July. Submitters then had 15 working days to appeal the decision.

The appeals, by the Northcote Residents’ Association and the Northcote Point Heritage Preservation Society, relate to the entire resource consent application.

Auckland Council is considering its approach to the appeal.


Will post more once Auckland Council has considered its approach to the appeal.

Seems Skypath is Off to the Environment Court #AKLPols

Northcote Resident Association to Challenge Skypath Consent

So it seems Skypath will be challenged in the Environment Court thanks to the Northcote Residents Association.

From 3-News:

Northcote residents want SkyPath parking

Thursday 23 Jul 2015 1:08 p.m.

Opponents of Auckland’s planned SkyPath are challenging the project in the Environment Court today.

The $33 million walk and cycleway would clip underneath the Harbour Bridge, and cost the council nothing – instead paid for by users.

But Kevin Clarke of the Northcote Residents’ Association is alarmed there’s no plan for parking at the northern side of the bridge.

“With modifications and the type of modifications that we provided a long time, we believe it will work,” he told RadioLIVE.

“In fact, it will make it a much more functional tourism facility, which is what they claim that it is.”

SkyPath’s backers have said increasing parking at the northern end would only encourage more traffic. Instead, they want parking on local streets be restricted to residents only.



Well that was expected and is probably going to be costly as well.

Will have to see where this ends up.