Development on Mangere SHA. Notice of Motion to Revoke Previous Resolution Mooted

S.O.U.L successfully brings a Revoke Previous Resolution to the Governing Body for debate


The Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) community group have managed to bring to the floor of the Governing Body of Auckland Council (that meets on the 27th) a Notice of Motion to Revoke a Previous Motion made by the Body.

In this case it is on the proposed developments at Special Housing Area 62, Oruarangi Road, Ihumato which you can listen to the latest developments here:


The Notice of Motion which got the seven required signatures from Councillors to bring it to the floor can be read below:

Governing body resolution

The Governing Body is due to meet on August 27 in which this NoM will be discussed.


SOUL had this to say:

Council makes first steps to save Ihumatao

Auckland Council is taking the first crucial steps towards protecting Ihumatao and the Otuataua Stonefields Historic Reserve by revisiting the Special Housing Areas decision at the next meeting of the governing body on 27 August.

The Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) campaign has now gathered close to 2500 signatures supporting a halt to this development and campaign representatives will be presenting this petition at the meeting, coinciding with their presentation to parliament in the same week.

SOUL spokesperson Qiane Matata-Sipu says it’s heartening to see so many councillors voicing their support for this significant piece of Auckland’s heritage and landscape. “There is a growing public interest in this campaign and we’re also receiving huge support from a number of political leaders – which comes as no surprise given the importance and significance of this area to Auckland and New Zealand, and the way in which this terrible decision was made to designate a SHA in Ihumatao.”

Mrs Matata-Sipu expects large numbers to attend the meeting at the Town Hall on August 27 and her group will be organising buses to accommodate those numbers of supporters keen to attend this meeting.
Visit for details about the SOUL campaign