Manurewa Local Board August 2015 Meeting. Rail Security Prevailing Item

Rail Security Prevailing Item

Tomorrow the Manurewa Local Board will meet for its monthly meeting. The agenda (web mode) can be read here:

Looking at the agenda again transport has come back up as the substantive item. In this case security on the rail corridor which has been in my cross hairs recently as well.

This is what the agenda says in regards to transport:

Auckland Transport Update – August 2015

File No.: CP2015/15723


  1. This report provides an update on local transport matters over the last month for the Manurewa Local Board (MLB).

Executive Summary

  1. This report contains a general monthly update on transport matters both locally and from across Auckland and a list of issues currently being addressed by Auckland Transport for the MLB.

That the Manurewa Local Board:

a)      receives this report.

b)      requests a ‘Rough Order of Cost’ for replacing the light poles and luminaires with LEDs in and around the Manurewa Town Centre.

c)      requests a ‘Rough Order of Cost’ for replacing the light poles and luminaires with LEDs in and around the Clendon Town Centre.

d)      requests a ‘Rough Order of Cost’ for removal of the current shelter at Te Mahia Station and replacement with a safer, more attractive structure.

e)      acknowledges the suggestion made by Auckland Transport that work planned re-modelling footpaths on Hill Road, involves modifications that are essentially similar to regular maintenance and retain the current use of these footpaths, so do not need the level of consultation the Board expects for the planned modifications to the intersections.

f)       provides its approval for Auckland Transport to immediately deliver the footpath section of the ‘Arts and Plants’ project after the Board has reviewed initial plans.

Responding to Resolutions

  1. Auckland Transport’s response to the resolutions, that require a specific answer, made by the MLB at previous meetings.

Resolution number MR/2015/124

  1. b)      That the Manurewa Local Board restate its concern about the ability of Auckland Transport to deliver on the Manurewa Local Board Transport Capital Fund projects.

Any project is subject to a large number of unforeseen factors that are beyond the project deliverer’s ability to control.  These factors can include:

  • Objections from the community;
  • Unforeseen technical issues; and
  • Problems getting consent.

It is therefore impossible for Auckland Transport to make a commitment of this nature.

Instead Auckland Transport commits to working in ‘good faith’ to achieve the Local Board’s objectives encouraging Local Boards to identify projects as early as possible so that the process of investigation and design can be managed as early in the term as possible. In this electoral term Auckland Transport has provided:

  • monthly progress reports; and
  • specifically stated in March, May and August 2014 that projects need to be identified and progressed in order to ensure that they are delivered within the electoral term.

In summary Auckland Transport cannot provide a ‘cast iron’ assurance that this Local Board’s projects will be delivered within the electoral term but does commit to doing its best to deliver the project’s identified by the Local Board and that if there are issues or concerns to inform the Local Board as soon as possible.

  1. c)      That the Manurewa Local Board request an update on Auckland Transport’s compliance with the Manukau City Council and Southmall safety and service delivery

This matter has been raised and is being investigated.  Some of the matters covered can be easily and simply addressed such as trimming the vegetation. Installation of CCTV cameras in the car park will need to be discussed before a commitment is made.


Regional Land Transport Programme

  1. In June Auckland Council adopted its 2015-2025 Long Term Plan. This plan sets Auckland Council’s planned budget for ten years in outline and the next three in detail.  It also confirms Auckland Council’s commitment to the Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP).
  1. The RLTP is the combined plan for Auckland Transport, New Zealand Transport Agency, and Kiwi Rail for the next ten years. Auckland Transport provided an opportunity for all Southern Local Board members to get an overview of what the RLTP will deliver in South Auckland on 22 July 2015.
  1. Auckland Transport will also discuss the local implications of the RLTP with the Manurewa Local Board on 1 September 2015.

Rail Security

  1. Rail security is an issue that has been raised by both the Manurewa Local Board and the wider community. Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Police have been working very hard to make sure that security issues are effectively managed and that people on trains and at stations are safe and secure.
  1. In summary the steps that are being taken include:
  • More NZ Police are travelling on trains and shadowing Rail Ticket Inspectors;
  • There is a station ‘blockade’ programme in which Auckland Transport’s 45 ticket inspectors are supported by the NZ Police personnel to ‘swamp’ stations and remove fare evaders;
  • Additional security guard services are being provided at fourteen stations identified as higher risk (Manurewa is number five on this list). Security guards are provided for  twelve hours each day seven days a week;
  • There is regular communication between Auckland Transport, Transdev and the NZ Police including monthly planning and intelligence meetings;
  • Auckland Transport is trialling  CCTV ‘body cameras’ on ticket inspectors;
  • Pacific Wardens are now being deployed on train services;
  • NZ Police and Auckland Transport are developing a Video Management System that allows better ‘real-time’ information sharing of CCTV information between our control room and Police District Command Centres. This should be in service in the next few months;
  • NZ Police  are committed to providing a permanent presence at Britomart during Special Events;
  • NZ Police District Command Centres are provided with shared CCTV Monitoring of stations; and
  • Police ‘stings’ on the rail network included a South Auckland operation in June and July 2015 putting up to 100 Police Officers ‘on the ground’.
  1. In summary Auckland Transport and NZ Police are working hard to improve security on the rail network. NZ Police are supporting Auckland Transport’s staff and steps are being taken to link CCTV systems together so that all agencies have the best possible ‘intelligence’ to plan operations and respond quickly to problems.
  1. The other information that helps to provide perspective is provided in the following graphs that compare ‘incidents per 100,000 passengers’ in Auckland with Sydney. Auckland’s highest month April 2014 is still lower than Sydney’s lowest month.  While the objective has to be no incidents, it is interesting to see this from a wider perspective. Auckland’s overall trend is relatively consistent with a couple of spikes in April and November last year, 2014.

Great South Road Corridor Management Plans (CMPs)

  1. Auckland Transport has been undertaking a refresh of the CMP for Great South Road in the Takanini area to take account of the works at the Takanini Interchange undertaken by NZTA.
  1. A CMP is not a detailed plan but outlines the types of planning that may be needed so that agencies can start planning budgets and work programmes in a coordinated way as early as possible.  CMPs are strategic documents designed to provide a 30 year framework for agencies working to maintain and improve transport along broad ‘corridors’ of movement.
  1. A CMP workshop is now planned for 11 August  2015

Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF):

  1. MLB has a total pool of $2,392,297 available in this electoral term that can be spent on transport projects.
  2. In this electoral term the MLB has identified six projects that are being investigated. Details of the projects and there status are included in Attachment A.
  3. In the last month progress has been made in the following areas:
  • The project to upgrade Wiri Station Road is now well into ‘Detailed Design’;
  • In May 2015 the MLB authorised the release of funds for ‘Detailed Design’ to commence on the ‘Arts and Plants’ and ‘Great South Road Pedestrianisation’ projects and these projects are expected to be able to report back with designs by September or October 2015. The project team has been contacted and are confident that these projects are on track for delivery by June 2016.
  • The project team have also suggested that construction of the ‘Arts and Plants’ project could be ‘fast tracked’ if the MLB was willing to consider a lower standard of consultation. This project involves re-modelling footpaths and intersections between the Manurewa Town Centre and the Botanic Gardens.  The intersections clearly require full consultation but re-modelling the footpaths should not require the same level of consultation, provided the MLB support this position.  This would allow work to start very soon on re-modelling the footpaths but would need the MLB to support this course of action ‘by resolution’.
  • The ‘Covered Walkway’ that is intended to link South Mall and the railway station is being worked through ‘Detailed Design’ and the following progress can be reported:
    • The project manager has met contractors and our procurement team and completion of ‘detailed design’ and appointment of the contractor is imminent;
    • The ‘conservative’ programme shows completion by April 2016 but the project manager thinks that this timeline may be able to be advanced;
    • The budget is looking good but the final cost can only be confirmed at the completion of the ‘detailed design’ phase. There may be variations for instance Rail Operations has asked that a mesh barrier is installed along the bridge to stop people climbing on the canopy. The cost is minor and will be reported when it is confirmed; and
    • The project manager is working closely with Rail Operations who are planning to build a canopy on the platform and install fences and gates.
  1. In this electoral term the MLB has identified six projects that are being investigated. The MLB also felt that it was worth identifying other projects that could be ‘brought’ forward if problems were encountered with any existing projects. Within the ‘Transport Portfolio’ three projects have been identified and applications forms drafted for:
  • Upgrading light poles and installing LED luminaires in Manurewa Town Centre;
  • Upgrading light poles and installing LED luminaires in Clendon Town Centre; and
  • Upgrading Te Mahia Station by removing the current shelter and replacing it with a safer, more attractive structure.
  1. Recommendations to request ‘Rough Orders of Cost’ for these projects are included above.
  1. Details of the projects and their status are included in Attachment A.


No. Title Page
AView Summary of Manurewa Local Board Transport Capital Fund Projects 2013 – 2016 Electoral Term 47
BView Summary of consultation information sent to the Manurewa Local Board in July 2015 55



Excellent to see the Police and for that matter Auckland Transport being proactive with rail security finally. But the stings need to continue regularly so people learn that fare dodging and anti-social behaviour is unacceptable. If we nip this out now future issues can be prevented further down the track.

I see the ball is rolling on upgrading Te Mahia Station. I personally still want that station closed and removed given that the 33 Great South Road buses will be more than adequate in shuttling people up to Manurewa Station. Remembering Auckland Transport has said the station is still under review and can still be closed.