Help for Unitary Plan Submitters + Note on Unitary Plan Proceedings

More drop in clinics to help Lay Submitters through Hearings Process

Given that the Unitary Plan has again flared up in the Herald (in which it has earned by ire) I have some information for submitters that has come out from the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel.

From the Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel:

Drop-in clinics announced – 13 August 2015

Drop-in clinics have been organised to provide submitters with guidance on how to participate in the hearings process.

You will have the opportunity to speak face to face with staff from the Independent Hearings Panel office and clarify any questions you may have.

The following dates are scheduled for various locations:

  • Monday, 17 August, 3pm-7pm
    Manukau Room. West Annex, Civic Centre, 31-33 Manukau Station Road, Manukau
  • Tuesday, 18 August, 3pm-7pm
    Council Chamber, Orewa Service Centre, 50 Centreway Road, Orewa
  • Wednesday, 19 August, 3pm-7pm
    Council Chamber, Henderson Service Centre, 6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson
  • Thursday, 20 August, 3pm-7pm
    Level 16, Tower One, 205 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

Please be aware, this is not an opportunity to discuss the content of your submission.

Feel free to contact us on (09) 979 5566 for more information.
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I can tell you as a submitter going through the Unitary Plan Hearings process it can get long and some days long winded if we get stuck on a point. Writing evidence can be just as long but there is a satisfaction when it is completed and sent through. As for my feelings on the matter so far? Pretty okay compared to when I see subjective pieces plastered across the Herald on matters discussed in mediation….

A note on Unitary Plan proceedings

Let me put what Judge Kirkpatrick has said in these particular tracked changes given Herald articles have flared up

[The Panel request that parties do not use the mediated track change version attached to this document the base provisions for evidence exchange. Please refer to Auckland Council’s version that will be provided with their evidence in chief by 8 September 2015.]…/059-060-062-and-063-Auckland-Counc…

So what has happened here is Ms Geary has literally jumped the boat and made subjective assumptions based on tracked changes that yes are released for all the read but mainly for submitters and Council to read the exchange of information between each other.

The procedures are and very clear at that is once the mediated changes are out Council then writes its evidence from it. From there they post their evidence and submitters like myself write our evidence in return. Council then can rebut that before we then head off to the Hearings.

In short the final position is taken from the evidence documents written not the tracked changes

So in short that letter has committed an act of prejudice against the Submitters and the Council based on information that is not finalised nor where a position has been taken by Council and submitters.

It is not a freedom of speech issue it is a case of well a Fair Hearing between Council and submitters before the Panel.

I need not remind people that after Kirkpatrick gives final recommendations the Council then decides finally how the Unitary Plan will take shape.

It is at THAT stage and bearing in mind all things prior that Council will take into full consideration of the views of the community.

Just hope it does not end up in the High Court

In the Centres Zones 051 topic the Council in their tracked changes opposed the Super Metropolitan Centres.

Now I could have song and danced that on the front page of the Herald but it would have been stupid owing to the fact Council took a position in their evidence of going neutral – that is a changed position

As a result the evidence I write and sent in yesterday changes.

Same applies to the residential zones