Council Submission to Productivity Commission Draft Report

Wish Councillors stuck to the point at hand

Yes you Dick Quax for a near mind numbing waffle that you could have told Councillor Casey over lunch.

In any case the Auckland Development Resolved the following:

Auckland Council responds to Using Land for Housing inquiry

Auckland Council has welcomed the broader approach taken by the Productivity Commission in its draft report, Using Land for Housing.

In its submission to the Productivity Commission, endorsed at today’s Auckland Development Committee, the council acknowledges that the draft report recognises the critical role of infrastructure and infrastructure investment, from both a housing pipeline and an affordability perspective.

Deputy Mayor and Auckland Development Committee Chair Penny Hulse says that partnership working will be key to tackle Auckland’s housing issues going forward.

“Housing affordability and ensuring an adequate supply of housing are not new issues in Auckland,” she says.

“In our discussions with the Productivity Commission, we note that land supply is only one part of a range of solutions needed to address housing affordability. To address the housing challenge, we need a strong partnership with central government, iwi, and private sector to develop a range of solutions including the financing of infrastructure.

“For the first time since the Auckland Plan was adopted Auckland now has a ‘ready-to-go’ (zoned and serviced) greenfield land supply of just under six years.”

The council’s submission to the Commission supports some of the proposals in the draft report, but also raises concerns over proposals that it deems have the potential to undermine Aucklanders’ ability to lead the shaping of Auckland as the world’s most liveable city.

The council looks forward to central government’s response to the Commission’s final report due out in September.

Further Information

  1. Auckland plays an important role in the country’s long-term economic growth, and will need to build the infrastructure for an urban area equivalent to one and a half times that of Hamilton to support the additional greenfield growth provided through the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.
  2. The council is already taking action to better address housing and land supply through the Auckland Plan, the Draft Future Urban Land Supply Strategy, the Forward Land and Infrastructure Programme, and the establishment of an urban redevelopment authority.
  3. Auckland Council’s submission will be submitted on 14 August 2015, and will be available on the Productivity Commission website in due course.