Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board Meeting – August 2015. Lot 59 Back On The Agenda

Developments continue on Lot 59 – The Manukau Transport Interchange

Next week the Otara Papatoetoe Local Board will meet for its monthly meeting. The agenda (web version) can be read here: http://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2015/08/OP_20150817_AGN_5615_AT_WEB.HTM

In the transport section I see Lot 59 – The Manukau Interchange has come up on the agenda. Given that I had a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request recently come in (LGOIMA Back (Finally) On Manukau Interchange) and today I am also bringing the matter up at the Auckland Development Committee (Off to the Auckland Development Committee We Go) this is an interesting development from Auckland Transport.

The Agenda (Transport subsection)

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board. 17 August 2015

Auckland Transport Report – August 2015

File No.: CP2015/16267


  1. The purpose of this report is to respond to local board requests on transport-related matters and to provide information to Elected Members about Auckland Transport activities in the local board area.

Executive Summary

  1. This report covers matters of specific application and interest to the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board and its community, matters of general interest relating to Auckland Transport activities or the transport sector, and Auckland Transport media releases for the information of the local board and community.

That the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board:

a)      receives the Auckland Transport monthly report for August 2015.

a)      requests that Auckland Transport provides a firm cost estimate for a gateway sign on East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe.


Transport Capital Fund Project Update

Old Papatoetoe Business District Footpath Upgrade

  1. Progress is underway on the upgrade of footpaths in Old Papatoetoe.  A full breakdown of expected costs to complete the project will be presented at the board workshop on 7th September.  This will allow the board to make a decision available at its September meeting.  Below is a list of where work is currently at:
  • Base plans have been completed
  • Topographical (TOPO) survey is underway expected to be with AT by 7 August
  • Procurement of Landscape Design Services has been completed
  • AT has been advised by the landscape architect that the draft options will be ready by 21 August for review by the project manager.

Gateway Signage for Papatoetoe

  1. The local board has asked Auckland Transport to present design options for gateway signage on East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe.  The intention for the signs is to inform drivers coming off the motorway that they are in the Papatoetoe area.  Previously Auckland Transport has reported on several options; these have been presented to the board in a workshop and the preferred design is similar to the (Ti Rakau) sign illustrated below.  The rough order of cost for a sign like this is $38,000; including design cost, project management fees and installation.  The previous cost given to the board was excluding these costs.

Ormiston Road/Preston Road Intersection Upgrade

  1. Auckland Transport is in the process of completing a preliminary design for this intersection upgrade.  The next phase is to undertake internal consultation, including with the local board.  There is no funding in the RLTP allocated to this project, however Auckland Transport intends to progress this project to a detailed design stage, following internal consultation.
  2. Auckland Transport has finalised all the property arrangements required by this project.  Two buildings would need to be demolished and the cost of this would be included in any future construction budget.

Manukau Bus/Train Interchange (previously ‘Lot 59’)

  1. Auckland Transport has met with both the Transport Portfolio Lead on the 20th July and the whole local board on the 3rd August 2015.  These meetings were to present new concept designs for the Manukau Bus Interchange and to understand the initial preferences of the local board, in terms of a specific design option.  There were 3 design options presented to the board, with both meetings indicate comfort with the project and a general preference towards option 3, although one board member did prefer option 1.  There was also discussion regarding the engagement Auckland Transport is undertaking with Auckland Council Property Ltd (ACPL), regarding the use of the airspace above the bus interchange.  While this was outside the scope of the workshop, Auckland Transport has undertaken to work with ACPL and provide a joint workshop presentation, on the airspace question, to the local board.  The public will be asked for their feedback, once the concepts have been progressed further towards a final design.  Public engagement is expected to be towards the end of the calendar year.

East West Connections

  1. This project aims to provide road connections between SH20 and SH1 to improve traffic flow, particularly for heavy trucks.  The southern component of the project seeks to provide improved bus travel and cycling connections between Mangere and Otahuhu Town Centres and Sylvia Park.  The New Zealand Transport Agency and Auckland Transport announced their preferred options, for the connections in the Onehunga and Penrose areas and for bus priority and associated cycle improvements in the Mangere, Otahuhu and Sylvia Park areas and public feedback on the options was sought between 17 June and 17 July 2015.  The project team will report the results of the feedback at a workshop in early August and give an overview of the next steps in the project and answer any questions that the local board members might have.

Otahuhu Transport Interchange

  1. The design of the Otahuhu Bus-Train interchange has been finalised and construction will commence in October 2015.  This will see the existing Otahuhu train station upgraded to a fully integrated bus and train interchange.  The project is being undertaken in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and Auckland Council and funding from both is confirmed.
  2. The Otahuhu interchange is a key part of the new, simpler and more connected south Auckland public transport network.  It is also one of a series of major improvements on the way for public transport between Mangere, Otahuhu and Sylvia Park, which include: high frequency buses, bus and transit lanes, new bus shelters and bus stations along the route.
  3. The new Otahuhu interchange will offer the following benefits:
  • A high quality accessible modern facility
  • The design and architecture will reflect local and historical stories for mana whenua (portage site for waka)
  • Clear separation of buses, trains and a shared pedestrian and cycle pathway (including cycle storage racks), separated cycle crossing at the adjacent signalised intersection
  • Passenger drop off zone
  • Covered bus platforms for passengers moving between bus and train services
  • More frequent bus services from mid-2016
  • Better connections between bus and rail networks
  1. The new interchange will open in 2016.

Train Passenger Numbers

  1. Annual rail patronage has exceeded 14 million for the first time and this year has seen the highest ever 12 month total for passenger trips on rail.  Rail patronage in Auckland grew 21.7% in the year to the end of June – two and a half million more passengers than in June last year.  In contrast, when Britomart Transport Centre opened in 2003, annual patronage was less than three million.  The new record comes just days after the introduction of the full fleet of electric trains on 20 July.  AT is now running the new trains from Papakura to Swanson on the electrified network and the response from customers has been extremely positive to both the quality of the trains and the extra services provided. Auckland Transport, with its operator Transdev, now provides six trains per hour on the Eastern and Southern Lines and four trains per hour on the Western Line during peak weekday periods.  The last of Auckland’s 57 trains arrive in the city next week and will go into service once certified.  After this, AT hopes to increase the size of some peak services to six cars to cope with the increasing demand.  The number using all public transport in Auckland reached 79 million in the year to June, an increase of 9.5% or on average 19,000 extra boardings per day.

Winter Sober Driver Campaign

  1. Auckland Transport is implementing a winter sober driver campaign targeting host responsibility within the corporate environment.  Friday afternoon drinks have become part of the corporate culture at many organisations, however with the lower drink driving limit and many crashes attributed to alcohol, host responsibility has become increasingly important.  Alcohol and drug related crashes make up 27.4% of all Auckland’s death and serious injury crashes.  The campaign objectives are to change perceptions around work/office drinking and to encourage forward planning when it comes to work drinks by providing hosts with a range of tips, tools and solutions to enable them to do so.  Based on the tagline of ‘Don’t let Friday’s fun, turn into Monday’s mess’, the key message is that if companies are putting on work drinks, they encourage their staff to have a sober driving solution sorted.  AT has a range of solutions and ideas to help stop Friday drinks leading to a drink driving incident, and turning into a headache on Monday.  There are simple solutions to help staff get home safely.  Visit http://www.AT.govt.nz/soberdriver for tips, tools and solutions.

Local Board Views

  1. The Board’s views will be incorporated during consultation on any proposed schemes.

Implementation Issues

  1. All proposed schemes are subject to prioritisation, funding and consultation.


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I wonder if the Local Board knows about the “interim” measures for the Interchange?

Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design
Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design

In any case today I will be presenting my concerns to the Auckland Development Committee over the Manukau Interchange given that the first designs were floated in May 2013 and here we are at August 2015 with nothing solid but an ‘interim’ yet.