#worldclassAKL – Transport

We all know it but what are authorities going to do about it

Yesterday as part of the World Class Auckland series the Herald touched on an issue we all know, we all love and we all love to hate even more.


You can keep an eye on the series over at the Herald but if you are social media inclined the hash-tag will keep you up to date on the conversations via Twitter.

For the transport snippet you can go to the Storify version here: https://storify.com/BenRoss_AKL/worldclassakl

Basically these were my main points (will need to read from Point 4 back up for the conversation chain) :

  1. So right now we should be building transport spines between 1) City Centre 2) Metro Centres 3) Heavy industrial complexes

  2. .2/2 5) Build transport spines (this creates a surplus in the interim) 6) Zone 7) Evaluate 8) Rinse and repeat

  3. 1/2 This is how we do transport 1) Stocktake 2) Check international trends 3) set goal 4) Geography stock take

  4. transport? Ummm marry it up to urban planning first Called INTEGRATED Planning which we still dont do

Will see what today’s edition brings up for discussion.