Ben Ross: Advocating for Southern Auckland – On Transport #Auckland2016

Auckland Transport to report back on Manukau Interchange to Committee

Last week I was at the Auckland Council – Auckland Development Committee to raise concerns about the progress of the Manukau Transport Interchange next to the Manukau Rail Station.

You can hear my concerns here:

The Resolution that was passed as a result:

Auckland Development Committee – 13 August 2015

       Public Input

5.1 Ben Ross : Manukau Interchange
A PowerPoint presentation was provided. A copy has been placed on the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minutes attachment.
Cr J Watson entered the meeting at 9.52 am.
Resolution number AUC/2015/159

MOVED by Cr AM Filipaina, seconded by Cr CM Penrose:  

That the Auckland Development Committee:

a)        thank Ben Ross for his attendance and presentation.

b)        request a status report from Auckland Transport on the Manukau Interchange project be presented to the Auckland Development Committee.



A     13 August 2015 – Item 5.1 Ben Ross – Manukau Interchange

The presentation including the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act requests over the Interchange can be read below:

The web version can be seen HERE.

So Auckland Transport is to report back to the Auckland Development Committee on the status of the Interchange and why we are stuck with an interim solution given that first plans were floated in May 2013.

Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design
Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design

As I said in the presentation the Manukau Interchange is an integral part of the New South Auckland Bus Network due to go live in about 12 months time. Also given that the interchange is in the Manukau City Centre a Metropolitan Centre (or Super Metropolitan Centre per my submission call) under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan I can not stress the importance of a well designed (so not a saw-tooth but rather a linear design like New Lynn and Otahuhu interchanges) interchange and that interchange being brought online as soon as reasonably possible.

There was meant to be an update to the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board last night but will see what Auckland Transport have to say for themselves at the (next) Auckland Development Committee.

I did not mention the Manukau South rail Link at the Committee as I am going to put that one on park for the moment but will make it an #Auckland2016 election issue next year.

But in the drive for a #BetterAuckland I will be keeping an eye on developments as they come through.


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