Papakura Local Board Agenda – August 2015

Light agenda

Sorry folks for getting this one up late as I got it muddled with another agenda that was dealing with the impending Liquor Ban issue facing the Council, Local Boards and the communities.

But today the Papakura Local Board will hold its monthly meeting. You can read the agenda HERE and the Addendum Agenda HERE (both web versions).

Taking a look a transport:

Auckland Transport Update – August 2015

File No.: CP2015/16780


  1. The purpose of the report is to respond to local board requests on transport-related matters and to provide information to Elected Members about Auckland Transport (AT) activities in the local board area.

Executive Summary

  1. This report covers matters of specific application and interest to the Papakura Local Board and its community; matters of general interest relating to AT activities or the transport sector; and AT media releases for the information of the Board and community.

That the Papakura Local Board receives the Auckland Transport Update – August 2015.


Local Board Transport Capital Fund:

  1. The Papakura Local Board is allocated $306,184 per annum from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund. These funds can be used annually or rolled together to use the full three years’ of funding. You can find the financial update (as at June 30, 2015) at attachment E in the quarterly report.
  2. Taking into account funding already allocated, The Papakura Local Board has $737,308 remaining to be utilised in this electoral term.
  3. For larger projects the 2016/17 financial year’s LBTCF ($306,184) can also be brought forward, providing a total of $1,043,492 to spend, if the Board wishes.
  4. The Board has asked Auckland Transport to investigate using the LBCTF allocation to undertake the following projects:
Project Description Status Projected Cost
Connection of Railway Station and Town Centre: Looking at ways of cognitively linking the town Centre with the Railway station.

Projects for further investigation include:

Transport leads have agreed to focus on the following:

·    Parklet outside Library

·    Public space – Gallery car park

·    Covered walkway between platform and Railway Street West

·    Extension of walkway along Railway Street West

·    Beautification – greenery

Resolution requesting AT to proceed to design and provide a Rough Order of Cost (ROC) for the six identified projects was passed on 20 May 15.

Auckland Transport (AT) will work through options for the six identified projects and will come back with initial scheme drawings and a ROC as soon as practical. The Elected Member Relationship Manager will provide a verbal update on the status of these projects at the August Board meeting.

To be determined through the Rough Order of Cost phase.
Colour Treatment – Intersections Road treatment (red) on 4 entrance intersections into Papakura Resolution requesting AT to provide a Rough Order of Cost (ROC) passed on 20 May 15.

Local Board to provide the names of the entrance intersections it wishes to use a red road treatment on. From there, AT can work through the compatibility (at the proposed sites) with AT Code of Practice (ATCOP).

To be determined through the Rough Order of Cost phase.
Blue disabled car park markings Instillation of full Blue disabled car parks in line with Mobility Parking recommendations. Resolution requesting AT to provide a Rough Order of Cost (ROC) was passed on 20 May 15.

AT is working through its compatibility with AT Code of Practice (ATCOP) and the Elected Member Relationship Manager hopes to bring a verbal update to the August Board meeting

To be determined through the Rough Order of Cost phase.

Current Papakura Local Board Project Update:

Project Description Status Projected Cost
Refresh of signage in Papakura Refresh of navigation anddirectional signage, identification of parking buildings and areas of significance/interest (Maraes, galleries, etc.) AT provided Transport leads (26/2/15) further information and recommendations regarding the wayfinding project. At the time of writing the report, no response has been received from Transport Leads.

To ensure this project has a long enough timeframe to be implemented, the Local Board is urged to provide a response to this as soon as practical.

On July 16. 2014 the Board approved a maximum of $110,000 to refresh the signage in the Papakura Local Board area.

Board Consultations:

  1. Consultation documents for the following proposals have been provided to the Papakura Local Board for its feedback.  As the Board’s transport portfolio holders provide feedback on the Board’s behalf, the material below is included for general information purposes only.

Parking Restrictions – Zebra Crossing on Kelvin Road

  1. Auckland Transport proposed a review of the length of the parking restrictions at the existing zebra crossing on Kelvin Road, Papakura. From the review, AT proposed a 5 minute time restriction at existing angle parking 0815 – 0915 and 1415 – 1515 on School days only.
  2. The Board raised no objections to this proposal.

General Information Items

Rail Service Performance

  1. It was reported to the Auckland Transport Board on 2 July that while rail patronage continues to grow, rail service reliability has been an issue during the transition period while a mixed fleet of diesel and EMU (electric multiple unit) trains have been operating.
  2. The high number of route cause faults (train failures, infrastructure problems or emergency services callouts) has also presented resilience and recovery challenges now that high frequency services operate across the Southern and Eastern Lines, and caused a large number of consequential delays and cancellations as the timetable and network offers little opportunity to recover, particularly during peak times.
  3. Route cause faults will improve from late July and August as full EMU operations are implemented.


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