Will the Governing Body Revoke An Special Housing Area Today? #AKLPols

Governing Body to resolve Notice of Motion on intent to revoke a Special Housing Area

In just under half an hour the Governing Body of Auckland Council will convene for their monthly meeting. A major item on the agenda today is the Notice of Motion to revoke a previous Governing Body Resolution that granted a Special Housing Area in Mangere, South Auckland.

The Notice of Motion as it stands:

Notices of Motion

10.1     Notice of Revocation – Cr Cathy Casey
In accordance with Standing Order 1.9.1, the following Notice of Revocation has been received and signed by the following councillors for inclusion on the agenda for the Governing Bodymeeting being held on Thursday, 27 August 2015:

·    Cr Cathy Casey

·    Cr Mike Lee

·    Cr Wayne Walker

·    Cr John Watson

·    Cr Alf Filipaina

·    Cr Arthur Anae

·    Cr Ross Clow



That the Governing Body:

a)      agree pursuant to Standing Order 1.9.1, to revoke part of Resolution number GB/2014/43 of 1 May 2014 in relation to a Tranche 3 Special Housing Area at Orurangi Road, Mangere:

‘In accordance with sections 77, 78 and 79 of the Local Government Act 2002 and pursuant to section 17 of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013, recommend to the Minister of Housing that the areas identified below and shown in Attachments A and B of the report, be established as Special Housing Areas: Oruarangi Road 2, Mangere.’

b)      agree that the Minister of Housing be advised that the Governing Body has revoked this Special Housing Area recommendation.



A          Signed Notice of Motion and Background Information……………………… 4


The agenda can be seen HERE.

Dr Nick Smith who is the Minister of Housing wrote this letter in anticipation of the motion:

Needless to say it will be VERY interesting to watch to see how the Governing Body weighs up the need for housing against the needs and wants of the community especially on historical and cultural grounds.

I wish the SOUL group all the best as they have my full support as a support as a fellow citizen of the South. Council and the Minister can do a heck load better with the placement of some of those Special Housing Areas including pulling finger and getting all ten Metropolitan Centres doing their part in sharing the load.

The live stream can be watched here from 9:30am: http://councillive.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/live


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  1. Hi Ben,
    For a look at how bad “forced” housing can go, watch Show Me A Hero. Great television, and I can so see it here, although maybe not quite to the same extent.

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