Auckland Transport Seeking Feedback on Paid Parking in Manukau

Ryan Place touted for Paid Parking

Just caught this across my email box earlier:

Ryan Place, Manukau

Consultation status: closes 18 September 2015

Proposed paid parking zone in Jack Conway Avenue and Ryan Place, Manukau.

AT received a few requests from the local business to implement paid parking in Jack Conway Avenue and Ryan Place Manukau.

The occupancy of parked vehicles in both streets is close to 100% on most days and used by long-term parkers. Due to this, visitors are unable to find parking and delivery vehicles are double parking because there is no kerbside parking.

AT proposes the following:

  • Implement a paid parking (P$) zone in Ryan Place and Jack Conway Avenue during the hours of 8am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. The proposed parking tariff is 50 cents per hour.
  • Ten minute grace period for all paid parking spaces within the proposed parking zone. People who need to make a quick stop (less than 10 minutes) can do so without payment of a fee.
  • Two new 25m Goods Vehicle Loading zones.
  • Two new motorcycle parking.
  • New broken yellow lines.

See the Ryan Place plan for more details of the proposal (PDF 504KB)

AT seeks your input and encourages you to present your views, concerns and ideas to help ensure the final design of the parking restrictions meets users’ needs as much as possible.

Give us your feedback on the Ryan Place parking proposal by 18 September 2015


Feedback closed in a few days so better be quick with this one folks.

Manukau City Centre Area
Manukau City Centre Area