Help Please: Employment Wanted

Request to Readers Please

I have a request for readers out there please.

I am wanting to re-enter the workforce full-time again after taking time out to raise our first child born last year.

However, things have not been easy though so I am penning this post asking for your help.

Given that I have a young family shift work is not desirable although I don’t mind doing the odd weekend from time to time.

I am based in Papakura (Southern Auckland) and can reach places of employment by both car or public transport (depending on work location) without a problem.

So it leaves the question of what am I looking for?

As a (Human) Geographer my interests a quite wide but if I had to pick a favourite from the Geography sub-discipline it would be Urban Geography.

Urban Geography being:

Urban geography is the subdiscipline of Geography which concentrates on those parts of the Earth’s surface that have a high concentration of buildings and infrastructure. Predominantly towns and cities, these aresettlements with a high population density and with the majority of economic activities in the secondary sector and tertiary sectors.

Research interest

Urban geographers are primarily concerned with the ways in cities and towns are constructed, governed and experienced. Contrary to neighboring disciplines such as urban anthropology, urban planning and urban sociology, urban geography mostly investigates the impact of urban processes on the earth’s surface’s social and physical structures. Urban geographical research can be part of both human geography and integrated geography.

Areas of study

There are essentially two approaches to urban geography: the investigation of systems of cities and research on cities as systems. The first approach involves the study of problems relating to the spatial distribution of cities themselves and the complex patterns of movement, flows and linkages that bind them in space. The second approach is on the study of patterns of distribution and interaction within cities, essentially the study of their inner structure.



Essentially academic or consultancy work that deals with Urban Geography would be my preferred choice of employment however, I am flexible with other industries as well as my CV below illustrates:

Curriculum Vitae



TotaRim Consultancy Limited

April 2013-December 2014


·         Set direction of company

·         Handle client relations and work such as

1) Conversations with clients and people of Auckland on various plans, consultations and policies that come out from Auckland Council from time to time.

These conversations include helping clients and people understand the issue at hand especially if it is complex. The conversations can also help people understand processes like a consultation process and what to expect from that relevant consultation period.

2) Submission Writing

Formal submission writing is not easy especially with large complex documents like the Unitary Plan. I have, through TotaRim, assisted clients in fleshing out their key concerns from the respective submission process and help them produce a formal submission that is straight forward and effective.

3) Presentations

I assist clients in producing simple but effective presentations that hold the attention of and spark debate amongst those to whom the presentation is being given.

4) Advocacy

Whether on behalf of a client or an issue I see that needs addressing, advocacy to the relevant organisation is what TotaRim has done before and continues to do so when those issues arise. One of the longer running advocacy campaigns that has enjoyed success is the push for Manukau (as recognition of its role in South Auckland as a major hub) to become a Super Metropolitan Centre.

  Transdev (Formerly Veolia Transport Auckland)

November 2010 to December 2012

Revenue Protection Officer

July 2012 – December 2012

·         Revenue Protection on both the trains and remote non gated stations

·         Educating Public on Platforms on new ticketing scheme

·         Assisting the loading of busy metro trains during peak services

·         Assisting the Station Assistants on gate lines at Britomart and Newmarket Stations

Service Coordinator (Relief) 

1 August 2011 – December 2012

·         Coordination of service delivery of the passenger rail network (making sure the trains run to their final destination in normal and disrupted situations) – both in the Control Room and on Britomart Platform

·         Fault Reporting and Asset Management of the rolling stock in coordination with Fleet Controllers and Kiwi Rail

·         Service Recovery in the event of a failure on the rail network (planning and execution)

·         Incident Reporting to supervisors

·         Revenue Protection Officer (September 2012 – December 2012) as required

o   Protecting of passenger revenue through:

o   Random ticket inspections

o   Ticket auditing

o   Regular reporting into trends from the ticket auditing process

Planning Coordinator Assistant
April 2011 – July 2011 (4 months)

·         Checking/Creating Master Rosters

·         Entering Master Timetables into data base for use by company and National Train Control Centre

·         Creation and audits of Britomart Platform Berthing arrangements for regular and special services

·         Service Delivery Improvement Research (Asset Management):

o   Mini audits of rail timetables

o   Audits of rolling stock allocations

McDonalds Airport Drive Free Stander, Auckland International Airport.

February 2010—December 2010

Swing Manager

Responsibilities: Basic and Advanced Shift Running/Management, Shift Management Support to the Shift Manager. Back up Café Barista.


Andy Cawston
Secretary at Waitakere Ethnic Board

I was engaged to provide Ben with mentoring services for about a year, during which time I got to know him well.

My first observation is Ben is a people person: he establishes rapport quickly and enjoys the process of building networks and engaging with others on an interpersonal basis. As a result, he enjoys a wide and diverse network of personal contacts, which he is able to call upon at will.

During our time together, Ben chose to focus his activities on understanding the Auckland Unitary Plan — a 1,000+ page tome that is difficult to assimilate in its entirety. It would be fair to say that Ben’s understanding of this important civic planning document is now encyclopedic: there would be very few people in New Zealand who understand its nuances as well as he does, at both a strategic and minutely detailed level.

These first two skills has enabled Ben to establish excellent working relationships with Auckland Council’s elected members and officers. In this capacity it has been important for Ben to be able to maintain an unbiased, apolitical and non-partisan approach to Council politics, and to work for beneficial outcomes for all parties concerned. He navigates this balance well.

Ben is also a skilled communicator, both verbally and in writing.

I have enjoyed having Ben for a protégé, and would encourage you to contact me directly if you would like to discuss this recommendation further.

April 6, 2014, Andy was a consultant or contractor to Ben at TotaRim Consultancy Limited

Computer skills

•             Microsoft Word: Expert Level
•             Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint: Expert Level
•             Microsoft Excel and Access: Intermediate Level
•             Google Sktechup: Beginner Level
•             Photoshop – Intermediate Level


University of Auckland

Completed December 2010

Bachelor of Arts – Geography (Human Geography and Resource Management) and Political Studies (Public Policy)

Attributes and skills

  • Strong Customer/Client Focus and Delivery
    Decision Making Skills (able to make on the spot decisions quickly and decisively)
    Excellent communication skills – both written and oral
    Can and have worked under high pressure effectively
    Computer Literate
    Able to lead and mange others in most given situations
    TEAM Player but can work individually
    Time manage to ensure priority one tasks get done first and effectively
    Friendly, open and flexible
    Can easily adapt to changing environments quickly (including constant self-learning)

If you wish to look at my LinkedIn Profile you can go here: Portfolios of my work such as submissions can be found on my LinkedIn profile or provided on request.

You can contact me at Ben[.]R001[@]gmail[.]com but to save everyone’s time serious offers please.

Many thanks


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