Papakura Local Board Meeting – September 2015 #AKLPols

Apparent support for controversial Mill Road

The agenda for the Papakura Local Board set for this Wednesday at 4:30 is out and the web version can be read HERE.

Transport Update:

Papakura Local Board – 16 September 2015

Auckland Transport Update – September 2015

File No.: CP2015/19200


  1. The purpose of the report is to respond to local board requests on transport-related matters and to provide information to Elected Members about Auckland Transport (AT) activities in the local board area.

Executive Summary

  1. This report covers matters of specific application and interest to the Papakura Local Board and its community; matters of general interest relating to AT activities or the transport sector; and AT media releases for the information of the Board and community.

That the Papakura Local Board receives the Auckland Transport Update – September 2015.


Local Board Transport Capital Fund:

  1. The Papakura Local Board is allocated $306,184 per annum from the Local Board Transport Capital Fund. These funds can be used annually or rolled together to use the full three years’ of funding.
  2. Taking into account funding already allocated, The Papakura Local Board has $737,308 remaining to be utilised in this electoral term.
  3. For larger projects the 2016/17 financial year’s Local Board Transport Capital Fund (LBTCF) ($306,184) can also be brought forward, providing a total of $1,043,492 to spend, if the Board wishes.
  4. The Board has asked Auckland Transport to investigate using the LBCTF allocation to undertake the following projects:
Project Description Status Projected Cost
Connection of Railway Station and Town Centre: Looking at ways of cognitively linking the town Centre with the Railway station.

Projects for further investigation include:

Transport leads have agreed to focus on the following:

·    Parklet outside Library

·    Public space – Gallery car park

·    Covered walkway between platform and Railway Street West

·    Extension of walkway along Railway Street West

·    Beautification – greenery

Resolution requesting AT to proceed to design and provide a Rough Order of Cost (ROC) for the five identified projects was passed on 20 May 15.

Auckland Transport (AT) has contracted Will Thresher to undertake design work on the Parklet, Gallery car park and beautification. We expect to respond with further information in due course.

Auckland Transport (AT) presented ideas for the Covered walkway at a workshop on 9 September 2015.

The Elected Member Relationship Manager will provide a verbal update of the outcomes of that workshop to the September Board meeting.

To be determined through the Rough Order of Cost phase.
Colour Treatment – Intersections Road treatment (red) on 4 entrance intersections into Papakura Resolution requesting AT to provide a Rough Order of Cost (ROC) passed on 20 May 15.

Local Board to provide the names of the entrance intersections it wishes to use a red road treatment on.

From there, AT can work through the compatibility (at the proposed sites) with AT Code of Practice (ATCOP).

To be determined through the Rough Order of Cost phase.
Blue disabled car park markings Instillation of full Blue disabled car parks in line with Mobility Parking recommendations. Resolution requesting AT to provide a Rough Order of Cost (ROC) was passed on 20 May 15.

AT is working through its compatibility with AT Code of Practice (ATCOP) and the Elected Member Relationship Manager hopes to bring a verbal update to the September Board meeting.

To be determined through the Rough Order of Cost phase.

Current Papakura Local Board Project Update:

Project Description Status Projected Cost
Refresh of signage in Papakura Refresh of navigation anddirectional signage, identification of parking buildings and areas of significance/interest (Maraes, galleries) AT provided Transport leads (26/2/15) further information and recommendations regarding the wayfinding project.

A workshop has been called on 16 September to tie down the specifics of the project.

The Elected Member Relationship Manager will provide a verbal update of the outcomes of that workshop to the September Board meeting.

On July 16. 2014 the Board approved a maximum of $110,000 to refresh the signage in the Papakura Local Board area.

General Information Items

Redoubt Road-Mill Road Corridor Update

  1. The hearing for the Redoubt-Mill Road notice of requirement to designate the route for the project began on Monday 31 August and was expected to run for a week.
  2. Of the total 286 submissions received, 23 submitters are expected to appear at the hearing, including nine directly affected by the proposed project.
  3. Auckland Transport expects to begin a property purchase programme following the confirmation of the designation, and some purchases are being made in hardship cases.  Funding in the current Long Term Plan allows for all properties to be purchased, with construction beginning in the 2025 decade.
  4. A recent online survey of 857 Automobile Association members in the wider area for the proposed upgrade was carried out in July.  It showed 63% were aware of the project, 76% agreed the area was often congested, 89% agreed road upgrades are needed to cater for future growth and 79% agreed public transport upgrades are needed for future growth.
  5. When asked about the proposed project, 77% believed that overall it is a good solution to transport challenges, 83% believed the wider community will benefit from the improvements and 76% agreed the upgrade represents good use of transport funding. Also, 73% agreed that environmental impacts of the upgrade are adequately addressed.

Auckland’s Electric Train Roll-out is Complete

  1. Auckland Transport officially marked the arrival of the last of the city’s 57 electric trains with a function at the Wiri Train Depot attended by the Prime Minister on 13 August.
  2. The last three trains from Spanish manufacturer CAF landed on the wharf the week before and are now going through final checks at the depot prior to certification.  In less than four years, 57 three-car trains rolled off the production line in Spain and were delivered on time and on budget.
  3. The project has had support from the Government including a $500 million loan to fund the electric trains and the Wiri depot.  There was also a Government grant of $90 million and one of $40 million from Auckland Council.
  4. Auckland now has trains that are of international standard.  Each train has seating for 232 passengers and standing room for more.  The trains have wider doors making it easier for passengers.  The central carriage is at platform level for wheelchairs, prams or bikes and automatic ramps mean a seamless transition between the platform and the train.  Open gangways between cars mean passengers can move from one end of the train to the other.
  5. The first electric trains began operating on the Onehunga line in April 2014 and the network from Papakura in the south to Swanson in the west went all-electric on 20 July.  Now that all 57 trains have arrived, more double trains can begin operating to increase capacity at peak times.
  6. Rail patronage in Auckland grew 21.7% in the year to the end of June; which is 2.5 million more passengers than in June last year.


Also in regards to the Future Urban Land Strategy

Papakura Local Board – 16 September 2015

Papakura Local Board Submissions and Responses

File No.: CP2015/19197


  1. A copy of the Papakura Local Board’s feedback on the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy is attached for member’s information
  2. A copy of the Papakura Local Board’s feedback on the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act (ARAFA) Funding Model Review will be tabled at the meeting.
  3. Both of the above were delegated to the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson to sign off at the Papakura Local Board meeting held on 19 August 2015.

That the Papakura Local Board:

a)      Receives the feedback on the “Future Urban Land Supply Strategy” and the “Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act (ARAFA) Funding Model Review.


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