80 Million Public Transport Trips + Cities Skylines After Dark is Out

Public Transport Continues in Leaps and Bounds

Now to try Bike Lanes in my Cities Skylines Game

Public Transport continues to grow in leaps and bounds in Auckland with the latest total figures hitting 80 million passenger trips since August with rail crashing over to 14.4m trips or some 22% growth.

From the Office of the Mayor Len Brown

Auckland public transport usage exceeds 80 million

Auckland’s annual public transport usage has exceeded 80 million trips for the first time and Mayor Len Brown says the patronage target, set by the government for funding of the City Rail Link (CRL), will be achieved three years ahead of schedule.

The August 2015 figures released by Auckland Transport (AT) show Aucklanders are flocking to use the new electric trains with annual rail patronage up 22.7 percent to 14.4 million.

The figures are significant as this was the first period when the Western, Southern, Eastern and Onehunga lines were all using the electric trains.

In August total rail patronage grew by more than 20 percent compared to August the previous year and the Western line, the last to get the electric trains, saw a 12.9 percent leap.

“There is no doubt that my vision to help solve Auckland’s traffic congestion by improving public transport services is working well but the growth will soon create problems which emphasise the urgent need to get cracking on building the CRL,” says Mayor Len Brown.

And away she goes on her maiden trip from Papakura to Britomart on the Southern Line.
And away she goes on her maiden trip from Papakura to Britomart on the Southern Line.

“At this rate of growth, we will reach train service capacity next year and then Britomart’s platforms will not cope resulting in service delays for passengers. That is especially unfortunate as the network has worked hard on improving reliability.  The August figures showed more than 90 percent of all services arrived at their destination within five minutes of the scheduled time. In June it was less than 75 percent.”

Len Brown says he is especially pleased with the increase of ferry services patronage, up 10.2 percent, while bus patronage is up 6.6 percent annually.

The AT HOP card was also a winner being used on almost 74 percent of journeys.  Cycle trips in August 2015 were 7.3 percent higher than in August 2014 across the nine key sites monitored by AT.

“Aucklanders made it clear they want to cycle but want to feel safer when doing so,” says Len Brown.

“Last week I opened stage two of the Beach Road cycleway which is separated from traffic and meets this wish.  Aucklanders told me to fix congestion and these figures show people are getting out their cars and using public transport.  But to continue this progress we simply can’t wait any longer to build the CRL.”

The government’s target was for 20 million passenger rail trips per year.

Further Information

Total public transport patronage (trips) for 12 months is 80,070,969.

The latest Public Transport patronage data is online at



While the growth is great we still need to continue full speed with public transport improvements including quick wins until the City Rail Link is complete next decade. Such wins include:

  • More all day bus lanes and those plus existing ones enforced by the police as it attracts demerit points (more of a sting than the monetary fine)
  • Another 20 electric trains ordered immediately to get the Western Line frequencies to 10 minutes on peak services and to allow more 6-car sets to run.
  • Electrify Pukekohe-Papakura leg immediately
  • The new bus networks are beginning their roll outs but they will need to be watched and tweaked as passengers adapt to the new system
  • Will someone in Auckland Transport hurry up with the Manukau Interchange which is a lynch pin to the South Auckland Bus Network (as is Otahuhu)
  • Manukau Rail South Link to expand the accessibility of the Southern Lines south of Manukau into Manukau itself

All quick wins that we can easily do and do not cost a mega fortune either.

Off to build bike lanes

Last night Cities Skylines released their After Dark expansion pack that include new features like bus stations, bike lanes for those who like Quaxing, and the night/day cycle.

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As you can see this is going to get interesting retrofitting the City out with the new stuff.

More on this in the weekend.