Stepping Forward for a Safer Auckland City Centre #BetterAuckland

Removal of slip lanes to protect both cars and pedestrians

From Auckland Council:

Step forward for safer walking in the city centre

Pedestrian safety and access in the city centre has taken another step forward with the removal of three ‘free left turns’ at intersections as part of the upgrade of Beach Road.

More than a quarter of the turns (11 out of 40) have now been removed from the city centre since 2012, when the City Centre Masterplan (CCMP) advocated their removal. A free left turn is one where traffic is regulated by lights when going straight or turning right, but vehicles can turn left without a signal.

Local Board chair Shale Chambers says: “These turns can make crossing a road unsafe and unpleasant for people on foot, especially for younger or vulnerable pedestrians, so it’s great to see this progress in such a short space of time.

“The city centre is rapidly becoming a much more pleasant place to walk, with these improvements adding to the creation of a laneway circuit. This helps the centre buzz, which in turn attracts people and – crucially – business investment. “

The completion of stage 2 of the Beach Road project removed the free left turns at the intersections with Britomart Place and Tangihua Street. The first stage of the Beach Road upgrade removed two others, while more have been removed along Mayoral Drive and at the bottom of Albert Street.

Council design champion Ludo Campbell-Reid says “Free left turns tend to create over-sized intersections that encourage vehicles to travel too fast, compromising pedestrian safety. Instead, the focus needs to be on creating a vibrant and pleasant walking, shopping or browsing environment, where people can walk with confidence.

“Rather than being anti-car, removing these slip lanes can be a win for everyone. If people can cross more quickly, this can also reduce waiting times for cars.”

The remaining 29 include four along Symonds Street, eight along the Grafton Gully and five surrounding Victoria Park.

beach-rd-left-turn-before Source: supplied
Source: supplied
Beach Rd left turn after  Source: Supplied
Beach Rd left turn after
Source: Supplied


Now to remove slip lanes in the suburbs and Metropolitan Centres please.


One thought on “Stepping Forward for a Safer Auckland City Centre #BetterAuckland

  1. It certainly is a good step forward, they were horrible affairs on busy roads.So good work there.
    Unfortunately the pedestrian experience at the above-mentioned Beach/Anzac and Beach/Tangihua, is now much worse in terms of crossing times for pedestrians – much longer than previously, as vehicles get very long green phases, and there are two cycles of turning phases for each pedestrian crossing phase, (at Beach/Anzac at least). And of course, 2 pedestrian crossings instead of three at each intersection – ignoring some pretty strong pedestrian desire lines (eg North side Beach to East side Anzac where the bus stop is). And of course red light running esp on turns as peds are crossing….not to mention the pretty scary goings on with the trucks turning into Tangihua – at least they are not usually going quite at as fast as Trucks on Stanley/Beach/Parnell/Strand intersection!
    It starts to look like giving with one hand and taking away with the other. Removing slip lanes in these locations needs to be aligned with improving walkability and the pedestrian experience, not a reason to prioritise vehicles by other means.

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