Port Future Study Scope Released

Work now being tendered to consultants to complete


The final scoping document for the Port Future Study has been completed and released into the public domain. You can read what the scope for the Future Port Study is below:


From Auckland Council:

Port Future Study scope released

The Port Future Study’s Reference Group and Consensus Working Group met together for the first time yesterday to review the study’s process and progress, including its final scope.

Chair of both groups, Dr Rick Boven, says the Consensus Working Group (CWG) has agreed the Study’s scope and developed the process for appointing a consultant to identify and evaluate options for the Port’s long-term future.

“The scope provides the framework and context for the consultant’s work”, Dr Boven says.

“We have issued a request for expressions of interest, and responses from interested consultants are due at the end of this week.

“This will be followed by a shortlist of proposals and a competitive, open and robust request for proposal process, administered by Auckland Council’s procurement team.

“A sub-group of the CWG has been chosen to evaluate proposals and select a consultant. The consultant’s work will commence in November and is due for completion by May 2016.


“The CWG will work closely and collaboratively with the consultants to understand and guide their work, and to ensure that CWG members are well-informed when they receive the consultant’s report and develop their recommendations to council.

At the meeting, the Study’s larger Reference Group reviewed the scope and provided feedback on the Study’s progress, emphasising the importance of key objectives as the consultant’s report is developed.

These included continuing to obtain the input of significant interested parties, ensuring that the long-term future is considered, that sufficient account is taken of the effects on the wider Waitemata and local landside environment, and developing the best possible port strategy for Auckland’s benefit.


The CWG acknowledged the continuing importance of these goals and that they will be accommodated within the Study’s process.

“The Port Future Study remains on target to provide recommendations to Auckland Council by late June 2016, with the CWG collaborating effectively, developing a shared understanding and establishing a solid foundation for the work to come”, Dr Boven says.


Further Information

  • The independent Port Future Study is made up of two groups – the Reference Group and the Consensus Working Group (CWG).
  • The Reference Group consists of stakeholder representatives and mana whenua with an interest in the future of the port. Their role is to represent stakeholders and communicate back to their organisations, engage with and provide feedback to the CWG and undertake work requested by CWG as needed.
  • The Consensus Working Group, meeting since August 2015, consists of 16 members including mana whenua selected from the Reference Group. Their role is to engage with the Reference Group, finalise and agree the study scope, identify and request work to be undertaken, receive the final study report and make recommendations to the Auckland Council on the way forward.



The final report and recommendations are due back at Council mid next year.