Final Productivity Commission Report on Housing Sent to the Government #nzpols

Final report sent, due out in late October


From the Productivity Commission:

Using land for housing inquiry update: October 2015

The final report on the Productivity Commission’s Using Land for Housing inquiryhas now been delivered to Ministers and we anticipate that it will be released in late October. We will send out another update when the report is available.

The report outlines the Commission’s recommendations for unlocking land for housing. Recommendations cover:


·         Accommodating population growth by better use of existing infrastructure assets;

·         Better use of funding mechanisms for providing the infrastructure to unlock land for housing;

·         Removing central Government’s exemption on paying rates;

·         Better cost/benefit analysis of land use rules;

·         Ways the planning system can be improved;

·         More support from central government to enable councils to coordinate the release of land for housing’

·         Rebalancing the respective roles of central and local government in the planning system in the national interest.


The Commission is grateful for all the submissions made to this inquiry.


As I noted earlier the final report will be out towards the end of the month. Quick thought though; I do wonder if Central Government property will ever pay Rates especially in Auckland. While they should I don’t see National or Labour ever allowing that to happen.