Information for Manukau Interchange Trickling Out #AKLPols

Budget finally set but designs not out yet for public feedback


The Manukau Interchange has been nothing short of a disaster since the plans were first approved by Council in 2013 with several redesigns and delays along the way.

Completion was meant to be August 2016 in time for the New South Auckland Bus Network but the completion of the Interchange now is set for August 2017.


While there is meant to be a workshop today for the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board on the final designs of the Manukau Interchange before they hit public feedback, I did find this snippet of information from the Manurewa Local Board October Agenda:

Public Transport Update – Manukau Bus/Rail Interchange

  1. The recently completed Regional Land Transport Programme included funding for an expansion of the public transport services provided at Manukau. Auckland Transport now has confirmed budget to build the planned bus interchange in this location.
  1. The new bus interchange will be located between the existing train station which is under the Manukau Institute of Technology building (shown in Fig 1) and the Auckland Council Civic Centre (as shown in Fig 2).

Figure 1 – Existing Manukau Institute of Technology Building (showing station entry)

Manukau MIT Station Source: Auckland Council
Manukau MIT Station
Source: Auckland Council


Figure 2 – Location of the New Bus Interchange

Lot 59 site Source: Auckland Council
Lot 59 site
Source: Auckland Council


  1. The new bus interchange will provide:
  • A covered area for bus passengers to alight and dismount buses;
  • A covered ‘pathway’ for passengers moving to the civic centre and the mall; and
  • An essential cross over point for people in the South to transfer from buses to trains.
  1. Manukau Station has approx. 1200 passenger movements per day and trains currently run from Manukau to Britonmart and ‘vice versa’ at intervals of approx. 20 minutes.
  1. When the ‘New Southern Network’ is operational in 2016 this station will be a significant ‘hub’ easily accessible to people throughout the Manurewa Local Board area. Thanks to effective advocacy by the Manurewa Local Board this interchange has been included within a ‘transition zone’ meaning that people travelling from Manurewa will only pay for one fare ‘stage’ to get to this station when the new ‘Simplified Fares’ for public transport start.




So while we don’t know whether the bus parks will be linear or angle (I hope not) or the final designs yet we do see that the interchange area will be covered and that there will be a covered ‘pathway’ for those heading to the civic building or the mall.


Wonder what other bits and pieces are going to come out after the workshop today for the Interchange.


Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design Lodged May 2013
Manukau Bus Interchange MK1 design
Lodged May 2013